New Hampshire Democrats disguised as Republican politicians stealing elections?

CONCORD, August 14, 2014– It’s no secret to elected officials, including New Hampshire State Rep. John Hikel (R- Hillsborough), that Democrats like Barbara Griffin are running as Republicans to steal elections.

“What Barbara and other Democrats told me when I first moved to town is that they register as Republicans to win. If you talk to the state GOP, they say that if you have an ‘R’ next to your name it’s okay with them. That status quo is what is dividing the party in the state and probably nationwide,” said Hikel.

Hikel isn’t the only one who recognizes this is a problem. Other elected officials have spoken out. “No one in the Republican Party leadership seems willing or able to do anything about it,” they say.

Griffin is running for New Hampshire State House from Goffstown as a Republican. However, she is a bona fide Democrat. In 1998,  Griffin ran as a Democrat for the New Hampshire State House.

Griffin has also drawn criticism from New Hampshire State Rep. John Burt (R) because she embraced and advocated for regional planning and decision making by unelected bureaucrats by fighting hard for workforce housing in Pinardville, New Hampshire while she was an official. “I mean, they fought real hard to have bigger government,” said Rep. Burt in a web post.

Griffin has been a registered Democrat and voting in elections as a Democrat up until this year.

What does this mean for voters in New Hampshire, where people like Barbara Griffin are able to live their lives as Democrats, and then declare themselves Republican when they want to run for office?

According to Hikel, this could have dire consequences for the state of New Hampshire and could even result in a change of the Republican platform moving it more to the left, not reflecting what Republicans in New Hampshire actually believe or want.

“We need to let people know what is happening and let them know its important not just to vote for someone just because they have an “R” next to their name,” says Hikel.

New Hampshire has no requirements or qualifications for running as a Republican like other states have in place, which Hikel sees as one of the possible problems.

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