NJ Christie Will Campaign Against Tea Party/Libertarians With Lindsey Graham

Christie and Former President Clinton On The Campaign Trail
Christie Skips Out On Conservative Dinner To Hit The Trail With Former President Clinton (June, 2013)

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently won his second term reelection with a wide margin over his challenger, a democratic state senator. His “landslide victory”, as the mainstream media call it, is deceptive. What the mainstream hasn’t reported was that the race drew the lowest gubernatorial voter turn out in history. The second lowest was Christie’s last election 4 years ago. A clear sign that many aren’t fired up about the moderate.

“I know that if we can do this in Trenton, N.J., then maybe the folks in Washington, D.C., should tune in their TVs right now and see how it’s done,” Christie said at his post-election party.

Regardless of his lack of appeal to the conservative base, Christie is expected to hit the campaign trail with South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R).

In an interview with the New York Times, the New Jersey Governor says he plans to head to South Carolina in order to campaign with Senator Graham who is facing 4 tea party/libertarian primary challengers.

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