Znoneofthe Above

‘None of the Above’ to Appear on Canadian Ballot After Candidate Changes Legal Name

A 46-year-old Thornhill, Ontario man formerly known as Sheldon Bergson has changed his legal name to Above Znoneofthe in a bid to give dissatisfied voters an option in an upcoming Feb. 11 by-election to replace resigning Ontario MPP Christine Elliott.

Canadian ballots list the surnames of candidates first, meaning Znoneofthe’s name will appear as “Znoneofthe Above” in the upcoming election.

I’m aiming for all of the people who don’t normally vote,” Znoneofthe told CBC News. “I thought, one of these days we should get ‘none of the above’ on a ballot.

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The race will reportedly include 10 candidates, with Znoneofthe’s surname including a “Z” at the beginning by design so that it would appear last on the alphabetically-ordered ballot. He said that he wants his candidacy to serve as an option for voters who are frustrated with Canada’s major political parties.

Additionally, None of The Above Party candidate Greg Vezina is set to appear directly above Znoneofthe on the ballot. CBC News identified some of the other noteworthy candidates in the race as Elizabeth Roy of the Liberal Party, Lorne Coe of the Progressive Conservative Party, and the New Democratic Party’s Niki Lundquist.

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The name change cost Znoneofthe $137, and he was able to obtain ballot access by collecting signatures on a petition under that name from 25 fellow citizens. Though his friends and family still refer to him as Sheldon, he has promised to keep his new name if he wins the election.

Znoneofthe works as a customer service representative at a bank and is married with two children. According to Fox News, he has previously run for office under the National Party’s banner and as an independent.