Notorious Former Police Chief Claims He Was Federal Informant

Former police chief Mark Kessler, a controversial figure in the Pro-2nd Amendment movement, has confessed to making inflammatory online videos in the hopes of attracting “the worst of the worst” for the federal government.

Kessler is a former police chief with the Gilberton Police Department in Pennsylvania. He resigned in early 2014 after being suspended for posting videos online in which he fires guns and aggressively insults liberals as “libtards”.  The videos garnered hundreds of thousands of views, a rabid fan club and an equally excited group of haters. After being suspended he was allowed to resign and received $30,000 from the department.

Tuesday on “The Alan Colmes Show,”  the former police chief told Colmes that he did not believe the things he said in the videos and was simply part of a larger operation designed to ferret out “lone wolf” terrorists, and “sovereign citizens”.  A transcript of the conversation reveals Kessler’s true intentions and feelings.

Kessler claims after he did initial activism in his community he was approached by individuals talking about killing police. He says at that point he didn’t realize what he was getting involved so he went to the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Kessler claims he was sent out to attract and investigate patriot groups, Second Amendment groups, and militia groups. When Colmes asks Kessler if he thinks “the left are a bunch of libtards” he states, “That’s not my job, That was specifically designed to attract groups of people, who are extremists. Sovereign Citizens, Insurrectionists.”

KESSLER: I signed up with those agencies, several different agencies and began an operation where I was just a magnet. I was sent out there to attract the worst of the worst and frankly it worked.
COLMES: You were sent out by whom?
KESSLER: I was sent out for, well I can’t really say exactly who but, I was sent out by agencies to go out and attract and investigate, whatever I can do to find out who’s who and what’s what among these groups. When I say groups, I’m talking about Second Amendment groups, patriot groups, alleged patriot groups, militia groups.

Kessler refuses to give details about what agency he was working with but admits that the videos were a collaborative effort.

KESSLER: They were put out by me and they were put out by the people that I worked for at the time.
COLMES: Were you not working for the police department of Gilberton PA?
KESSLER: No I wasn’t
COLMES: Were you working for the federal government?
KESSLER: Yes, I can’t say what agency.

At one point Kessler tells Colmes that he was unable to tell anyone and believes his work saved many lives.

KESSLER: I couldn’t tell anybody. I just couldn’t, it was complete deniability. I could not say a word to anyone about the operation. So again it was bigger than me. I’d seen an opportunity to advance my law enforcement career, and there was no way I was going to turn it down.
COLMES: Is this the first time you revealed this?
KESSLER: Yes absolutely, yep
COLMES: Were you promised a job by somebody in the federal government to do this?
KESSLER: No, it was volunteer work.
COLMES: What was in it for you?
KESSLER: I got to save a lot of lives, I can tell you that.

Kessler also claims the federal government told him his work helped stop several attacks, including a group called the Triple X Minutemen in Georgia, and lone wolves in Texas.

KESSLER: I’m happy to say that we took down several plotted attacks that didn’t go through, we took down a group in Georgia. We took down a group in Texas.
COLMES: Can you name any of the groups you took down?
KESSLER: The Triple X Minutemen is one group.
COLMES: Who are they?
KESSLER: They are from the Georgia area, and they were planning to blow up a federal building.
COLMES: Any other groups you can cite that you took down?
KESSLER: We took some lone wolves down in Texas that were militia guys, I should’t say militia, they were wanna be terrorists.

When asked if he genuinely feels the way he speaks in the videos Kessler says “absolutely not”. Kessler claims he jumped on the opportunity to work with the federal government and was reimbursed for some of his work but was not on salary. When Colmes presses Kessler further on information on who he was working with, he continues to say he cannot expose the ongoing operations.

Kessler also claims that his videos attracted thousands and thousands of people to the attention of the federal government. At that point he says they would begin investigating individuals for possible violent intentions. Kessler claims his job was to gather intel and states that his work led to the arrest of individuals deemed “a threat to society”.

The statements have not yet been confirmed by an federal agency. Supporters of Kessler are likely surprised to hear his claims of helping the federal government to look for domestic terrorists. Many 2nd Amendment supporters and libertarian activists see the federal government as a grave danger to personal liberties. Documents like the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) report and other documents from the Department of Homeland Security have many Americans wondering why everyday, constitutionally protected behavior and thought is becoming criminalized.

Back in February, Kessler spoke at a news conference announcing his plans for a new militia called 3 Percent Boots on the Ground, which, he claimed, has a “few thousand” members in chapters around the country. Kessler made it clear that his group was not interested in overthrowing the government but “Basically it’s just a group of people who believe in the country, the Constitution, and what our founding fathers enacted.”

After his latest admission one wonders if his “militia” was legitimate or an effort to entrap others? Kessler claims he is no longer working with the federal government, but as reported, a study by the New York Times found that at least 40 different agencies of the US government have active undercover operations involving officers pretending to be students, protesters, doctors, ministers, and welfare recipients.  

With surveillance programs and the use of undercover informants, America is mimicking the plot of George Orwell’s 1984. What will you do to halt the creeping tyranny?