Officer Attacks, Arrests Man For Recording Him “Inappropriately Touching” Female Friend

Washington D.C.-     In New York, a video has emerged showing police officers attacking a man and arresting him simply because he attempted to record an officer who was touching his friend inappropriately.

The video was captured on three different surveillance cameras outside a convenience store.  Jason Disisto is standing with his friends when a female friend is approached by a police officer.  The officer Johnathan Munoz grabs hold of the woman’s wrist and starts to touch her inside her sweater.  Disisto takes a friends cell phone and tells the officers that he going to record what is happening because he doesn’t like what he is seeing.

That is when the officers attack Disisto, wrestling the phone away from him and taking him into custody.  Officer Munoz claims that Disisto had lunged at the officers and attempted to punch them with a closed fist.  The release of these three separate surveillance videos proves that Disisto did not attempt to strike the officers and all charges against him have been dropped.
Before driving away, the officer throws the cell phone out of the vehicle, breaking it on the pavement.
Tuesday, a civil rights law firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of Disisto against Officer Munoz.