Bulletproof Blanket

Oklahoma Company Markets Bulletproof Blanket For Childrens’ Use In School Shootings

Oklahoma company ProTecht has developed a new and unique type of body armor for kids called the Bulletproof Blanket. The blanket resembles a gym mat and is worn by strapping the blanket around the arms like a backpack. It was designed by podiatrist Steve Walker, and Stan Schone, Jeff Quinn and Jay Hanan contributed to its development.

“Who would have guessed that on a quiet spring morning their lives would be changed forever by a sudden school tragedy,” ProTecht’s website narrates.

While ProTecht markets the idea that the blanket could prove useful in natural disasters to protect children and adults from debris, Protecht’s website also states that the “Bodyguard blanket was developed and tested to specifically protect our children and teachers in the event of a school shooting.” Protecht claims that the blanket offers protection from 90% of weapons that have been used in previous school shootings.

Schone said that the blanket has passed National Institute of Justice Class 3A test, which is used to test body armor for police, according to The Oklahoman.

The Bulletproof Blanket is bright orange and can be folded for children to crouch underneath. Each blanket is tentatively priced at around $1,000, and Protecht anticipates that they will be able to join with schools and nonprofits to make the blankets more affordable. In the case of using the blankets for protection from tornadoes, ProTecht suggested that the cost of the blankets are less than building tornado shelters.

“This thing gives kids an option, an alternative that will give them an opportunity to survive,” Schone told The Oklahoman.

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