Opinion: Mainstream Media’s War On Jeb Bush’s Paleo Diet

I don’t agree with former Florida governor and likely president candidate Jeb Bush’s political philosophy, but c’mon, the guy lost over 30 pounds while following the Paleo Diet. That deserves some praise, not the influx of attacks he’s been receiving from the mainstream media.

Apparently “Big Food” may not like Bush advocating Americans to cut out the processed foods and sugary drinks from their diets, which is all part of living a Paleo lifestyle.

Forbes told him to “stop starving himself.” The New York Times also judged him pretty harshly for his positive lifestyle changes and accused him of having “regular bouts of dietary crankiness.” (If the Paleo Diet was Michelle Obama-sanctioned, I wonder if the Times would be singing a different tune.)

But give him a break if it’s working for him. It’s working for me as well. I’ve lost over 50 pounds on the diet myself.

There are countless other people who have been helped by switching to the Paleo Diet. In the New York Times piece, Bush quipped that he’s always hungry. They’re claiming that his bypassing his former favorite, enchiladas, for roast fish is somehow newsworthy, worth criticizing.

The Paleo Diet focuses on eating natural whole foods like fish, fruits and vegetables. Bush may want to introduce more sweet potato fries and spaghetti squash to his current diet so he’s not so cranky. That works for me.