Cameron Kasky Parkland Debate Kyle Kashuv

Parkland Gun Control Activist Backs Out of Debate With Pro-2A Classmate

Parkland, FL – On March 25, Kyle Kashuv, a Second Amendment-supporting student from Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, challenged classmate Cameron Kasky, a student activist promoting pro-gun control March for Our Lives, to a debate.

The challenge from Kashuv came after Kasky responded to a recent National Rifle Association (NRA) video, which stated “no one would know [Parkland students’] names” had their classmates not died, referring to Kasky, David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and the select few gun control advocates being promoted across mass media – while pro-2A students are largely denied a platform.

“I think that’s the most pathetic thing I’ve seen out of this… And that’s the NRA — you’ll notice, they can’t attack our argument, so they’re attacking us personally. The fact that they’re saying all we want out of this is for people to know our names. They have no idea how much each of us would give for it to be February 13th again,” Kasky told “Fox News Sunday,” referencing the day before the school shooting took place.

In response to Kashuv’s tweet, Kasky agreed to organizing a debate “in the near future.”

But on Monday, Kasky backed out of a debate on the issue with Kashuv, claiming that Kashuv made a “personal” attack against a family member of a shooting victim.

Kasky explained his rationale for backing out of the debate in a tweet:

“Kyle, I’ve enjoyed my discussion about gun laws with you so far, but after seeing this, I think I’m out. For personal reasons. I disagree on certain policies with some family members of some victims, but I never go after them, especially not like this. This is low.”

Kashuv’s tweet, which apparently caused Kasky to back out from the planned debate, countered an argument from a victim’s family member about clear backpacks by musing “Instead, let’s violate our Constitution?”; Kashuv apologized for the tweet and explained that he was unaware he was responding to a victim’s family member.

The Daily Wire reported that conservative political pundit Ben Shapiro viewed Kashuv’s question as not “some sort of egregious sin” as he was simply responding “to the argument of a victim’s family member in perfectly polite political fashion.”

Kasky has been accused of directing personal attacks numerous times while promoting his gun control views, including infamously declaring that Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) “allowed this to happen.”

“It’s Rick Scott and Marco Rubio who allowed this to happen,” he said. “They’re enablers, and they — the blood of 17 people and all those injured and all the families that have been hurt — this is all them.”

Most recently, Kashuv turned his attention to another Parkland student and gun reform activist, David Hogg.