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Paul Adviser Found Not Guilty In Corruption Case

IOWA, October 22, 2015– On Thursday, an Iowa jury acquitted longtime aide to former congressman Ron Paul and son Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) Jesse Benton on charges of lying to the FBI in an Iowa campaign finance corruption case.

“God is great,” Benton told reporter Grant Rodgers of the Des Moines Register as he left the Southern District of Iowa federal courthouse. “It feels good.” Benton had no other comments.

Senator Paul’s presidential campaign released a one-sentence statement in reaction to Thursday’s decision.

“I am happy that justice has been served,” Paul said in a statement sent by his campaign.

Last week, saying that the indictment against Benton and others was nothing more than political theater, the elder Paul accused the feds of targeting son Rand’s presidential campaign when he was called to testify against Benton in court.

Prosecutors announced the indictments against Benton just one day before the first Republican debate where Rand was set to take stage. At the time, Benton was heading up a Super PAC (political action committee) working on behalf of Rand Paul’s presidential race. The indictments made headlines across the country.
“I don’t consider that a coincidence,” Paul said. “I consider that more than seeking justice.”

Benton served as Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign chairman. In 2014, Benton was managing the reelection campaign of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), but resigned as the Iowa case started to attract a spotlight. Most recently, he served as the head of a pro-Rand Paul Super PAC dedicated to electing the senator as the Republican nominee for president in the 2016 election cycle.

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