Paul Hits Trump On Socialized Healthcare And Support Of Clinton

United States Senator and presidential candidate Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is doing something no other Republican candidate or party official is willing to do– throw down the gauntlet on Donald Trump.

Trump has said that he would run 3rd party if he doesn’t win the GOP nomination, which has led some insiders believe that Trump could be working with the Clintons to ensure a victory for Hillary.

In the first GOP debate, just as he refused to dismiss the idea of a 3rd party run, Paul slapped Trump with his support of the Clinton family by saying that Trump was hedging his bets because he is used to buying politicians.

Paul’s latest ad showcases Trump’s support of the Clinton family, socialized healthcare, and the Democratic Party in general.

Trump has since come out and said that he is considering rescinding his refusal to not run 3rd party and issued a lengthy response to Paul’s campaign ad.

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