“Police Given Weeks To Get Story Straight on What Happened to Freddie Gray”

Baltimore, MD- Ben Swann reports from the scene of the Baltimore protests following Freddie Gray’s mysterious death after being placed in police custody. Swann interviews the Gray family lawyer who says that the six police officer’s involved in Gray’s death have been given weeks to get their story straight while the family is still waiting for answers to basic questions.

Swann also talks with Reverend R. Owens, a minister who is counseling the family, in an attempt to unravel the events going on in the city.

In addition, Swann reveals new information on one of the six officers who made the arrest of Gray, including information that the lieutenant who chased Gray, twice had accusations of domestic violence made against him by two different women.

RT reporters Anya Parampil reports live from the protests and captures the mood of the demonstrators and Manuel Rapalo delivers the latest information on the timeline leading up to and after Gray’s death.