Bernie Sanders

Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Surging In New Hampshire

By Kerry Picket

MANCHESTER, N.H.–Although Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is leading her primary opponents by wide margins in early key states, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders seems to be catching up with her in the Granite State.

According to a poll released by The Morning Consult, the Vermont Senator is now trailing Clinton in nearby New Hampshire.

“But in the state that provided Clinton her biggest boost in 2008, the margin is much closer: Among voters who say they will participate in New Hampshire’s Democratic primary, 44 percent choose Clinton, while 32 percent pick Sanders, who hails from neighboring Vermont,” the poll says.

Vice President Joe Biden is shown with 11 percent of Democratic voter support in New Hampshire after Sanders.

Additionally, the poll shows that just 43 percent of New Hampshire voters say they approve of the job President Obama is doing. Fifty-six percent say otherwise.  Similar to New Hampshire’s swing state status, Iowa is shows Obama’s job approval rating as low as well.

The poll cautions that “any Democrat who captures the party’s presidential title could be saddled with an albatross named Barack Obama.”


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