Property owner arrested, charged with felony at public meeting for talking too long after city stole his property

BRIDGEPORT TOWNSHIP, Mich., March 19, 2014 — After the city township stole his property, a 59-year-old Michigan property owner was arrested and charged with a felony resisting and obstructing police earlier this month for violating the three-minute public comment rule at a township board meeting.

“You (city township) ordered the destruction of everything I built. You came for my BBQ grill, you came for my bird feeders,” said Mark Adams.

According to Adams, he handed board members a four-page document with 21 grievances against the township and other government officials prior to speaking. He also requested he be heard for fifteen minutes instead of the standard three.

Among those grievances were claims that the board violated the state open meetings act and Freedom of Information Act.

According to Adams, he requested documents from the township through a FOIA and was met with police force multiple times. “You’ve got this place on lock-down,” he said.

“I have a right to redress my grievances,” said Adams just before he was arrested March 4 by three officers.

Township officials claim that they had to remove Adams twice before, but this was the first arrest.

In addition to his felony charge, Adams was also charged with a disturbing the peace misdemeanor.

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