Rand Paul

Rand Paul slams biased reporter on vaccines, running for President and more (FULL VIDEO)

WASHINGTON, February 3, 2015– Liberal reporters desperate to paint United State Senator Rand Paul (R- Ky.) in a negative light have been having a field day with a recent interview Paul granted CNBC. Reports of the interview have widely and purposefully misconstrued Paul’s statements on vaccines and other topics discussed. While most articles are simply posting sound-bites, the entire interview paints a completely different story.

CNN, for example, took to Facebook and insinuated that Hillary Clinton had bested Paul when it came to “science”. How did Hillary Clinton beat Rand Paul? With 140 whole characters. Impressive. Never-mind that Paul is the actual medical doctor and never once said that children shouldn’t be vaccinated. Paul’s crime? Stating that parents owned their children, not the state, and therefore; should have a say over what is put into their bodies.

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