Rep. Thomas Massie Struggles to Raise Funds Due to Anti-Establishment Voting Record

Libertarian-leaning Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), who first assumed office in November of 2012, has since carved out a niche similar to former Republican Congressman Ron Paul, taking anti-establishment positions and challenging leadership in his own party on issues like NSA spying, military adventurism, and auditing the Federal Reserve.

Consequently, wealthy special interests, who often fund politicians’ campaigns to curry favor in an effort to obtain lucrative contracts, are not donating to Rep. Massie’s reelection campaign. According to USA Today, the Kentucky congressman has only raised around $40,000 since January of this year. His total lags behind the fundraising levels of all other congressmen seeking reelection except for five, with two of those being non-voting delegates from American Samoa and Guam.

FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon, who recently organized a fundraiser for Massie, said, “When you’re standing up to leadership and voting the way he does, you get cut off from K Street and cut off from a lot of the party funds.” He added, “I’m treating every one of these [anti-establishment] guys as at-risk [of facing defeat in an upcoming election]. We fundamentally believe if you don’t start backing up folks like [Massie], they’re are going to get wiped out.

Cook Political Report’s David Wasserman told USA Today, “Generally you either raise a lot of money because you’re gearing up for a competitive race or because you want to be a team player. In Massie’s case, he is neither headed for a competitive race nor is he a team player.

Given the broad support I receive from constituents and the national attention to the causes I have championed in Congress, I don’t anticipate any difficulty raising money if I should need it,” said Rep. Massie, who still has $194,687.78 in cash on hand, including funds left over from his $600,000 fundraising haul during his 2014 reelection bid, which was largely buoyed by donations from ideological groups and individual contributions to his campaign website.

During his time in Congress, Massie has been a staunch supporter of the right of states to legalize hemp. He also pushed to declassify portions of a congressional 9/11 report, and voted against the election of Republican John Boehner to Speaker of the House.

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