Rev. Wright Blasts Obama During Controversial Speech In Chicago


President Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, gave a controversial speech to the Chicago Teachers Union on Wednesday.

Although cameras were not allowed at the event, those in attendance claim that Wright vehemently attacked President Obama. This came as a surprise to many, since Wright and Obama were once very close.

One CNN correspondent managed to record a small portion of Wright’s speech:

Wright allegedly said, “We need to teach the truth about our politicians, from Bush to Barack. Because very clearly it is not about the person, it is about the policies of this government. King said ‘I have a dream.’ Barack said, ‘I have a drone.'”

In response to an attendee’s comment, Wright said of Obama, “That’s not the man of peace that you just talked about. That’s a man controlled by government.”

The preacher went on to discuss Obama’s alleged kill list, which the White House checks “every Tuesday” and “decides who they’re going to kill this week.”

According to FOX reporter Griff Jenkins, who was present at the event, Wright only said negative things about Obama.

Appearing on Greta VanSusteren’s FOX show, Jenkins said, “No, there were no complimentary remarks whatsoever. We haven’t seen Reverend Wright in a while. He is back and he is just the same as always, fired up, very incendiary.”

Wright certainly did not hold back. He also attacked Abraham Lincoln. The preacher said, “Abraham Lincoln liked to tell darkie jokes. He liked to hear darkie jokes and he used the N-word incessantly.”

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