Rick Perry Calls for the National Guard to Help “Staunch the Bleeding” at The Border

Texas Governor Rick Perry appeared on Fox News Sunday, and in an interview with Brit Hume, he discussed the current crisis at the US-Mexico Border.

Perry pointed out that right now, 70% of the United States’ border patrols at the southern border are taking care of the children who have recently arrived illegally, rather than doing their job of securing the border.

Perry’s plan to address the crisis starts with sending 1,000 National Guard troops to the border, to stop the influx of children crossing into the United States.

After calling for the National Guard to come to the border four years ago, Perry is reiterating his request due to the fact that he hopes it will help to move the border patrol forward. “The president was not even aware that his border patrol was back 40-45 miles away from the border at the checkpoints,” Perry said. “They need to be right on the river as a show of force.”

That’s the most humanitarian thing we do,” maintained Perry, who is convinced that this “show of force,” will send a message back to Central America. “It’s important to do that because this flood of children is pulling away the border patrol from their normal duties.”

Hume mentioned that the troops “are not, under the law, allowed to apprehend any of these children that are crossing.

The issue is with being able to send that message,” insisted Perry. “It’s the visual of it is that is the most important.

Regarding the current refugees on the border, and their means of communication with those still in Central America, Perry said, “Their conversations are being monitored with calls back to Central America, and the message is ‘Hey, come on up here, everything is great, they’re taking care of us.’ And that needs to stop.

What we’re talking about now is sending the message back now so we can staunch the bleeding,” said Perry. “Those that are already here, to address them, to humanitarianly take care of them, to make sure they are safe, to process them as quickly as you can, to reunite them with their families.