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Ron Paul Liberty Report Coming To

Ben Swann’s Truth In Media Project will soon be offering Ron Paul’s Liberty Report video series at In addition to videos, the Truth In Media Project plans to collaborate with Dr. Paul on a variety of topics and issues.

Ron Paul’s Liberty Report is the latest addition to new content you will be able to find along with a growing team of collaborators and contributors to the Truth In Media Project, which is also scheduled to include content and insights from political commentator Julie Borowski, The Ron Paul Institute, writer and podcast host Kurt Wallace, Child Protective Services whistleblower and author Carlos Morales, and syndicated radio host Jason Stapleton.

The Truth In Media Team will continue to provide updates to our readers regarding upcoming contributors and additions to the Project.

Note: Earlier versions of this story said that Ron Paul was joining a growing list of contributors. That led some people to believe that Ron Paul himself would be joining Truth in Media. Rather, Truth in Media will make available the Ron Paul Liberty Report on our site.