Ron Paul Gives His 2016 GOP Presidential Nominee Prediction (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that the retired congressman from Texas has a gift for predicting the future. If you take a leisurely scroll through his Youtube videos you’ll note that just about everything Paul predicts comes to bear fruit within the next 4-8 years.

Last night Ron Paul made a promotional appearance on Jay Leno to promote his new book, which deals with America’s failing education system. Leno spoke only briefly about Paul’s latest book, and instead focused on 2016.

Leno asked Paul if Rand would be running in 2016, to which Paul replied, “We don’t really talk about it.”

However, when Paul was asked by Leno who he thought would get the Republican nomination for 2016 he replied, “Probably someone from Texas, who now lives in Kentucky.”

Many have been speculating that the Kentucky Senator will run for the president in 2016.  His recent tour stops all across the country certainly seem to insinuate so.

Ron’s only advice to Rand, “Be very cautious. You could get elected.”