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Ron Paul: Will Victims, Suspects Of Deadly Waco Biker Rally Receive Justice?

Circumstances surrounding the deadly Waco biker rally remain unclear, and local police are shielding details of the incident from the public.

This just builds up more suspicion on our government,” Ron Paul said during his latest Liberty Report.

The three-time presidential candidate and former Texas Representative Paul raised concerns about the ever-growing number of questions about the biker rally shooting, including why the Federal Bureau of Investigation was involved, what evidence the Waco Police Department gathered from the incident, how the shooting got started, the number of weapons on the scene, and who shot whom.

Nearly 1,000 bikers rallied in Waco this past weekend in support of the biker rally shooting victims—nine individuals died as a result of gunshot wounds—and the 143 bikers who remain behind bars without charge.

The Waco Police Department’s decision not to release any information about the incident or evidence collected from the scene harkened to the redacted 28 pages of the 9/11 Joint Congressional Inquiry report, Paul said.

This seems like wholesale injustice,” Paul said. “My suspicion is they have a lot of evidence.”

Paul also addressed the issue of proportionality in the way police respond to public disturbances. Proportionality, as it is considered in just war theory, “should be considered here,” he said.

There is disturbance of peaceful operations and there’s a responsibility to check into it. But to end up with a bunch of people getting killed, and then all of a sudden arresting all of these people? They could have taken their names and addresses down or something like that. They could probably review a camera pretty quickly, say, within an hour or two they will decide who might have been more involved.

Another recent incident exemplifying the need for proportionality also comes out of Texas. Video shows aggressive police response at a disturbance call to a pool party in McKinney had “no proportionality that we saw,” Paul said. He noted, “We would get a little rowdy as kids but we never dealt with that.”

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