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Ryan Bundy Speaks: The Bureau Of Land Management Is ‘Illegitimate’ And ‘Unconstitutional’

(DCNF) Ryan Bundy blasted the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), an agency he was taken to court for defying, in an interview with E&E News released Monday.

Bundy has been taken to court twice for his part two armed standoffs with federal agents over land rights issues. Bundy participated in a 2014 standoff with BLM officers on his father’s ranch in Nevada and a 2016 armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. He was not convicted in either case.

“BLM is an illegitimate organization, they’re unconstitutional, I won’t speak with them,” Bundy told E&E News when asked about the possibility of another situation similar to the 2014 standoff.

Bundy along with his father and brother led dozens of armed men in a showdown with federal officials who were attempting to impound the family’s cattle over unpaid grazing fees. The BLM officers committed serious ethical and likely legal violations while conducting the raid.

Federal prosecutors charged the Bundys with conspiracy and other acts, but the judge dismissed the case after evidence showed multiple instances of prosecutors hiding and lying about evidence favorable to the Bundys. The case was dismissed “with prejudice,” baring a retrial.

The BLM may try again to impound the Bundys’ cattle now that the men are out of prison.

“They’re not going to take our cattle. And we will do, I’ll say that we will do what we’ve always said we’ll do, we’ll do whatever it takes to maintain our rights. They’re not going to gather our cattle,” Ryan Bundy told E&E News.

Written by: Tim Pearce

This article was republished with permission from the Daily Caller News Foundation.