S.C. Pub Insults Gun Owners With Offensive Sign, Gun owners fight back

Apparently, some folks are mad at the new South Carolina law allowing CWP holders to conceal carry in restaurants that serve alcohol.

And the sign said, “NO CONCEALED WEAPONS ALLOWED. If you are such a loser that you feel a need to carry a gun with you when you go out, I do not want your business. Douchebag.”

The owner of Backstreets Pub & Deli has a 1st Amendment Right and private property rights, but law abiding gun owners in Clemson, S.C., don’t really like they were just called “Douchebags.”

First reported by conservative website Twitchy, the picture of that sign has gone viral, and the backlash has hit the Backstreets big time on social media.

The Pub & Deli hasn’t commented about the situation via Twitter besides brushing off a Tweet, telling the restaurant that it will go out of business with a  “Who knows?” And currently pro First Amendment activists and people disapproving of the sign’s language are reviewing the eatery on Yelp.

Yelp reviewer Rusty C., who gave the establishment one star, commented, “I support everyone’s right to their own opinion, and even the right of a business owner to place signs prohibiting firearms on the premises. But waddya (sic) think is gonna happen when you use your business to insult a very large group of people?”

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley signed a bill last month, allowing people with concealed-weapon permits to bring their guns into restaurants and bars.

Restaurant owners are allowed to post signs alerting patrons if guns aren’t allowed inside. Though the language of the sign is up to the owner’s discretion.

According to WYFF, the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division says more than 229,000 people in South Carolina have concealed-weapon permits.

The comments from Backstreet Pub & Deli aren’t really surprising though. Most South Carolinians are pro-gun advocates, but there are elements in both political parties that have painted those who conceal carry in a bad light. See here and here.

Julie Borowski made mention of this today on her facebook page and said:

“A business owner has the right to not allow guns on their property. And people have the right to refuse to buy anything from the business.”

I agree.

What are your thoughts?