Saudi Airstrikes Kill 169, Mostly Civilians, Across Yemen

45 Civilians Killed in Airstrike Against Aden Market

by Jason Ditz, July 06, 2015

Saudi airstrikes against Yemeni cities have been a daily occurrence over the past several months, but seem to be escalating greatly today, with a series of strikes leaving 169 people, mostly civilians killed nationwide in the attacks.

The biggest single strike was against the city of Aden, where Saudi strikes hit a marketplace, killing 45 civilians within. 30 others, including 10 Houthi fighters, were reported killed outside of Aden in attacks on checkpoints.

54 people, many civilians, were reported slain in Amran Province, north of Sanaa, and 40 more civilians were reported killed in a strike that hit a livestock marketplace in al-Foyoush. Saudi officials issued a statement ignoring the toll, but insisting they don’t “intentionally target civilians.”

Yet throughout the Saudi war, which began in March, airstrikes have hit a number of residential areas in a number of major Yemeni cities, with a huge portion of the overall death toll in that period civilian bystanders. Strikes have hit the Shi’ite Houthis as well, but have not significantly changed the territorial possessions within Yemen.

The UN has been calling for a new round of peace talks, which seem even less likely tonight as Saudi forces escalate their attacks. The Saudis did not directly participate in last month’s failed talks, but their allies in the former Hadi government did, starting a fistfight during a Houthi press conference.