Should America Become More Like Denmark and Sweden?

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The supreme court laid down two devastating rulings this week. The first was essentially a rewriting of Obamacare. The court ruled that the term “established but the states” is ambiguous and thus, allowed the federal government to continue providing subsidies to individuals who are not part of a state exchange.

The other big supreme court decision got sandwiched between Obamacare and Gay Marriage and it had to do with discrimination. In it’s Texas housing decision the court found that plaintiffs do not need to show there was actual racial discrimination, nor even an intent to discriminate. Instead plaintiffs can now simply point to the racial makeup of a neighborhood and infer from that discrimination must have occurred.

It’s as though we are living in an alternate reality. Where you can be born white but be black, where gender is a myth, where the judges right law, presidents act like kings and objective fact is replaced with subjective opinion.

We are moving ever closer to the totalitarian state where laws are meaningless and those who hold power wield it indiscriminately with the ever increasing intent to expand their authority over our lives.

Some people think this is a great idea. They dream of a society based around “democratic socialism” where the State provides for us all. They point to countries like Denmark and Sweden as examples of this utopia at work.

But is it really working? Today on the show I break down the recent supreme court decisions and we take a close look at Denmark and Sweden to see if their model really is the Eden so many make it out to be.

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