Sixteen-year-old takes Nancy Pelosi to task on NSA and leaves her dumbfounded

WASHINGTON, June 3, 2014– House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D- Cali.) has fought tooth and nail to support the NSA. According to a House aid, when the House scheduled a vote to put the NSA back under constitutional restraints Pelosi aggressively lobbied Democrats behind the scenes to vote against Rep. Justin Amash’s (R-Mich.) bill. In fact, the aid says that Pelosi gets all the credit for saving the NSA’s unconstitutional usurpation of power.

After winning a documentary contest with CSPAN, sixteen-year-old Andrew Demeter was given the opportunity to interview Pelosi. By questioning Pelosi on the NSA, Demeter lands one square on Pelosi’s jaw. Unable to answer for her votes and support of the NSA, Pelosi performs what could possibly be the strangest display of Orwellian double-talk ever seen.

The best part? “Bush did it.”

In just a couple short days Demeter’s video has been viewed more than 300k times. He tells us that he has received invitations Fox News and other major news networks to appear as a guest.

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