Snowden Urges Tech Companies to Create More Security Products

Edward Snowden urges tech companies to build more security products to help fight against government spying. Using better security technology that is easy to use, Snowden hopes to slow down government spying on innocent citizens.

“The people in the room in Austin, they’re the folks who can really fix things and enforce our rights through technical standards, even when Congress hasn’t yet gotten to the point of legislation that protects our rights,” Snowden said while speaking to the South by Southwest Conference in Austin via streaming video that was routed through seven proxies.

Snowden went on to criticize the volume of information that the NSA and other government agencies are collecting. He pointed out that “We’ve reached a point where the majority of Americans’ telephone communications are being recorded. We’ve all this metadata that is being stored for years and years and years.”

Snowden added that “We’ve actually had tremendous intelligence failures … because we’re monitoring everyone’s communications instead of suspects’ communications,” Snowden said. “That lack of focus has caused us to miss leads that we should have had.”

The entire Snowden talk:

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