Democrats, Socialists

Socialist Allure and Progressive Paradoxes

“It aims at the creation of a sphere in which the individual is free to think, to choose, and to act without being restrained by the interference of the social apparatus of coercion and oppression, the State. All the spiritual and material achievements of Western civilization were the result of the operation of this idea of liberty.” —Ludwig von Mises

What’s the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist? Nothing but marketing, as it appears.

Socialism is harsh, deliberate, and it carries an extremely radical and negative connotation; Democrat does not.  In a race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (sorry Governor O’Malley, but you’re kind of like that guy on the Bachelor who interrupts all the private dates), all those two are doing is running to the left, trying to one-up each other.

They are trying to out-“free stuff” the other by proposing ludicrous and unrealistic policies and plans only children can think are practical. Perhaps because of this obviously fixed primary, the DNC is trying to hide from the American people that fact that Democrats have finally become Socialists— after all, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, and even the DNC Chairwoman can’t tell the difference between a Socialist and a Democrat.

I’m not the only one who lands on this conclusion though. Jason Pye from FreedomWorks jumped on this exact same topic in an op-ed for the Washington Times recently:

“Since his first run for the White House, Barack Obama has mocked political opponents who have called him a socialist due to his promotion of class warfare, frequent calls for increased spending, and costly regulatory agenda. He was successful at making his political opponents look crazy, but Bernie Sanders‘ rise is a problem for the Democratic Party.

When Mr. Sanders began toying with the idea of a presidential bid, he made it clear that his run would focus on issues popular with the Democratic Party’s so-called “progressive” wing. Indeed, his campaign platform is filled with all sorts of “freebies” that will require massive increases in taxes and spending…

In a separate appearance just days later on “Meet the Press,” Ms. Wasserman Schultz was asked the same question and, once again, she deflected by going after the Republican presidential candidates. Questions about socialism may be awkward for Democratic leaders, but Mr. Sanders and his team think his beliefs jive with the party.”

So why is this such a hard question for Democrats? Are they hiding something, or are they just that stupid? It’s not a difficult question at all. If it is too hard for Democrats to comprehend, maybe a much more watered-down question should be asked— as JSP contributor Remso W. Martinez once wrote:

“The question I have for young liberals/progressives/Democrats, whatever label the American left has placed on itself these days, is this— What policy and plans you support are so good they should be enforced by gunpoint?

That’s the most important question you could probably ask, because their answer will ultimately put them into one of two camps; one where liberty is shuttered, and another where it flourishes. After all, socialism is all about coercion, and last I checked, the “liberals” in the Democratic Party wanted freedom and protection of civil liberties. So go ahead and ask, how much concentrated government force does the Democrat in your life believe in? Are they stranding alongside the dying breed of Jim Webb Democrats? Or has the “progressive” surge allowed the Socialists to come in and begin to purge?”