Stapleton: Money, Lies and Spies

Congratulations America! You made an extra $183 BILLION dollars this year! But here’s the bad news- you didn’t get to keep a penny of it. That’s right, the U.S. government brought in a record $2.6 Trillion dollars over the first 10 months of this fiscal year. That’s up $183 billion over last year.

Now this would be great if the government actually produced something of value or contributed to society as a whole. Unfortunately for you, that money was earned by someone who did add value to our lives and then the government took it from them to spend as it saw fit. It’s yet another clear example that it doesn’t matter how much the government taxes. It will never be enough. As Ronald Reagan said, “Government doesn’t tax for what it needs, it finds a need for what it taxes.”

I also wanted to talk to you a little about something that I’m sure most of you know nothing about. It’s called Geospacial intelligence and it first came on my radar when I was doing research for Jade Helm 15. You see the tag line for the military training exercise is “Mastering the Human Domain”. After doing a little research I found myself listening to lectures on The truth about the depth and breadth of government spying shocked me to my core. I knew the NSA has been actively collecting massive amounts of metadata from millions of Americans but I had no idea the full scope of their program nor did I understand how the military was using this information in conjunction with its training exercises on U.S. Soil.

I spend the bulk of the hour today talking in detail about what I discovered. Unfortunately, I fear I’ve only scratched the surface.

Until Tomorrow,