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State of Washington becomes second state to sell recreational marijuana legally

After being voted through by citizens almost two years ago, the state of Washington has become the second state in the U.S. to sell marijuana legally and without a doctor’s note.

Some shops opened on Monday while many shops opened for the first time this morning.  Some shops today had lines of customers waiting in anticipation to enjoy marijuana legally.  Some customers drove as far as from Kansas to wait in line, according to ABC13.

Deb Green is a 65-year-old Washington resident who voted for legalization two years ago, and was one of those who waited in line.  “I voted for it,” Green tells Oregon Live.  “I’m not a heavy user; I’m just proud of our state for giving this a try.”

Prices for legal marijuana are expected to start off around $25 a gram, and this price is double what people would pay at medical dispensaries.  The reason for the relatively high prices is the state of Washington’s medical system is unregulated, meaning there were not many people legally producing marijuana in the first place for medical dispensaries.

Washington has approved less than 100 legal growers to help kick start the marijuana market, but this is far less than the 2,600 people who applied for licenses to grow marijuana.  This has created an initial shortage of marijuana throughout the state, but as more growers receive their licenses, the laws of supply and demand say prices should fall.

Sales are also restricted in Washington, according to FOX News.  Shops can only sell to adults over the age of 21, and selling amounts are specific as well.

Customers can buy one ounce of dried marijuana, one pound of marijuana-infused solids like foods, four pounds of marijuana-infused liquids, or seven grams of concentrated marijuana at one time.