Syrian Woman Blasts Senator McCain Over Supporting Al Qaeda

At a town hall meeting a Syrian immigrant blasts John McCain (R-AZ) over supporting the Syrian rebels who have ties to Al Qaeda. John McCain’s body language says it all. He initially refuses to make eye contact with the woman who stands begging before him less than a foot away from his face. “My cousin was killed last week!” Her words are strong, passionate and true. “We do not want another engagement in the Middle East. We do not want Al Qaeda to take over,” she screams. McCain simply looks away as if he is more concerned with getting back to his iPhone poker game. He even laughs at one point.


John McCain’s counter was simple. “I’ve been to Syria too,” he says. He provides no real substance other than an emotionally based argument that Assad is a butcher. John McCain joined only two other republicans in voting in favor of the Senate resolution to engage in a Syrian war. All eyes are now resting on the House to see how members will vote.