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Open Letter to the RNC and Iowa GOP Chairman AJ Spiker

A.J. Spiker, Chairman of the Iowa Republican Party is under fire, mostly for being a Ron Paul supporter.  6 County Central Committees have called for this resignation and have received a great deal of media coverage in Iowa.  One Central Committee has now stepped forward to support Spiker and media isn’t talking about.  Here is their open letter:


Contact: Rick Holman Dubuque County GOP Chairman

November 11th, 2013

Open Letter to the RNC and Iowa GOP Chairman AJ Spiker

On behalf of the Dubuque County, Iowa Republican Party Central Committee, we would like to first of all commend our state party chairman, Mr. AJ Spiker for his continued resolve to support and uphold the conservative principles found both in our state party platform and the national party platform. While government at all levels continues to grow, encroaching upon the personal liberties of its citizens through increasing regulations, taxation and an assault on the Bill of Rights, our State Chairman is working to defend our freedom here in Iowa. He hereby has earned our faith, trust and full support in his duties as our State Chairman.

Secondly, we would like to voice our concerns with the RNC that, increasingly, show lack of support for conservative candidates in recent elections, both general and primary. It appears Republican leaders are often no longer willing to support and uphold the principles found in the National party platform. Increasingly, the party leadership seems to be favoring politically “establishment” candidates who will not, and do not, faithfully adhere to or defend our conservative principles. They ignore our party platform – even as republicans work to select Constitutional, conservative candidates through the primary and caucus process. Some examples are the recent Governor’s race in Virginia, the Senate races in Delaware, Colorado, Alaska, and Nevada in 2010. The Senate races in Indiana and Missouri in 2012, and the Presidential races of 2008 and 2012. The recent Virginia example is especially troubling. The RNC failed to aggressively support the campaign of Cuccinelli because he was a so-called Tea Party candidate. Republican establishment all but handed the election to Mr. McAuliffe. Yes, establishment Republican Party leaders helped elect a Democrat bundler as the Governor of the state of Virginia.

Thirdly, where was the RNC during the recent efforts by Congress to defund Obamacare during the process to secure a cloture? The RNC should have been doing everything possible in terms of educating the public to the fact that it was Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats along with President Obama that caused, and should have owned the “Shut Down.” Even by defeating the closure process, republicans and sensible Democrats could have offered amendments to the ACA that would have possibly saved millions of Americans from losing their health insurance. Instead, they allowed the 26 Republican Senators who refused to stand with Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Charles Grassley and 16 other Senate conservatives to provide the President and his socialist allies everything they wanted. In addition, it’s ridiculous allowing individuals like Karl Rove, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsay Graham to more or less speak for the GOP. These people and their “establishment” colleagues do not represent the Republican Party Platform, let alone the Tea Party. Something must be done to counter their message of Government control. They seem to be more willing to spend time, energy, and effort in attacking fellow Republicans than they do fighting against the Democrat agenda. We implore the RNC to support our candidates that will stand by our platform.

Dubuque County Republican Party Central Committee
Chairman: Rick Holman
Co-Chair: Jennifer Smith

Submitted by Central Committee member Karl Stieglitz
Seconded by Central Committee member Jacob Long
Resolution Passed Unanimously 24-0