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Press For Truth Interviews Ben Swann at Anarchapulco

During the 2018 Anarchapulco conference, Ben Swann was interviewed by Dan Dicks of Press for Truth. In this interview, Ben and Dan discussed Ben’s hiatus, his departure from mainstream media and return to independent journalism; the two also chatted about the revival of Reality Check and Truth In Media and how Ben’s return to independent media was made possible with an exclusive sponsorship with Dash Digital Cash.

Ben Swann at Anarchapulco

Ben Swann will be making a keynote presentation at Anarchapulco on Thursday Feb 15th. Bookmark this page to find updates from the conference!

Update 1:


Update 2:

Good morning from Anarchapulco!

anarchapulco ben Swann

Update 3:

Ben Swann will be speaking today in #Anarchapulco about #decentralizingthemedia. Plus, new Reality Check drops today on how U.S. Foreign Aid policy has created “s***hole” conditions in places like Haiti.


Update 4:

Ben Swann at Dash Booth

Update 5:

Standing ovation from a packed crowd.