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Judge orders man to pay $30K in child support for someone else’s child

A Detroit judge has ruled a man, who was unaware he was a “father,” must pay approximately $30,000 in child support after the man neglected to do so for close to twenty-five years.

In the early 1990’s, Carnell Alexander was pulled over by a police officer and this officer informed Alexander he was under arrest for being a deadbeat father. Alexander, however, was taken aback when he heard he was a deadbeat father, according to WXYZ.

What had happened was an ex-girlfriend of Alexander gave birth to a child in the late eighties, and in order to qualify for welfare assistance to raise the child, she needed to name a father on the appropriate paperwork. Even though the woman was aware Alexander was not the father, according to KFOR, she decided to put his name down anyways.

Usually, when a man is named the father of a child on such paperwork, the state sends a notice to the person via mail. However, Alexander was incarcerated, according to the Michigan Department of Corrections, so he would not have received the notice.

On Tuesday, Alexander went in front of the Third Judicial Circuit Court where Judge Kathleen McCarthy said she was outraged Alexander had failed to take this matter seriously. According to FOX 2 Now, McCarthy said Alexander should have filed a motion long ago to dispute his parentage of the child.

“That motion must be filed within 3 years after the child’s birth, or within one year after the order of filiation is entered,” said McCarthy. “The defendant has failed to to timely file this motion setting aside the acknowledgment of parentage.” It is here the court ruled Alexander must pay the $30,000 in child support for the child, who is now an adult.

According to CBS Detroit, Alexander took a paternity test in 2013 after he had tried to find the mother of the child for many years. The test proved he was not father of the child, but even though this evidence was provided to the courts in the past, they held to their decision to make Alexander pay for the child support. The court also said it would not help his case if he presented the mother of the child for the case.

Alexander acknowledges he may owe the money according to the fine print of the law, but he will not believe the fine print of the law is right. “The law is not going to fit into everybody’s situation,” said Alexander. “Why don’t they use common sense?”

St. Louis Police Headquarters Stormed by Protestors

What began as a peaceful march in the city of St. Louis has turned into an occupation of a local police headquarterst by protesters and other demonstrators.

The “March to the Arch” began around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday morning with about 75 participants. The march ended at the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department headquarters, where according to FOX News St. Louis, 15 protesters entered the lobby of the police headquarters and read a list of demands.

Some of the demands listed were a meeting with Police Chief Sam Dotson as well as a meeting with the St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay or the Board of Aldermen President, Lewis Reed. Apart from these meetings, the protesters also demanded the termination of a few police officers who they believe to have been involved in the use of police brutality.

The protesters also posted an eviction notice to the doors of the police headquarters which reads, according to the Free Thought Project, “We are informing you that the police department is scheduled to be reclaimed by its citizens today, December 31, 2014.” A list of reasons is then given for the eviction notice, including, “Perpetrating police brutality on our citizenry,” as well as, “Transforming the police into a militarized occupying force.”

The notice was then signed at the bottom with “We the People.”

While the 15 protesters entered the building, around 100 other protesters stayed outside. It was shortly after the demands were read inside the building that, according to RT, the officers began to issue arrests and pepper-spraying protesters.

Five people were arrested during the demonstration and are being charged with Trespassing as well as Peace Disturbance. One of those arrested is being charged with Third Degree Assault for the assault of a City Marshall inside the police headquarters.

The St. Louis Dispatch also report, “When more protesters tried to rush into the front doors, officers linked arms and grabbed some by the shoulders and pushed them to the ground.”

Wyllie Happy About Arrest, Ready To Fight

Florida Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie told Ben Swann on his radio show Monday that he’s happy about being arrested and is ready to take the case to a jury trial.

On Friday, Wyllie was arrested for driving with a license, which is something he has been trying to do for the last three years.

“I’m out of jail. I only spent one day in jail. I was probably the only person there happy to be there since this gives us the legal standings to challenge the constitutionality of Real ID in court,” said Wyllie.

“We’re very happy that this finally occurred and we’re going to use to my benefit,” he said. I’m sure my political opponents thought that this would be damaging to the campaign.”

Wyllie surrendered his license three years ago. He said that timing of this arrest was interesting, since it was recently reported that he was invited to participate in the largest gubernatorial debate.

“It’s very interesting timing,” he added. “For three years, we heard this through the grapevine of law enforcement officers and from others within the attorney’s office, I actually had immunity. They were telling law enforcement to keep their hands off. That immunity was apparently lifted and it happened in a very interesting way. I was actually in the parking lot of Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, attending a charity event, which I was scheduled to be at. So they actually nabbed me in the parking lot as I was scheduled to walk into an event.”

Wyllie was specifically pulled over for not having a license. He received no other citation.

He has been waiting for this to happen. He said he’s actually been hoping that it would.

“We’ve actually been looking forward to this possibility in the campaign. This is something we totally embrace,” said Wyllie.

For a the political set, an arrest is most likely a career ender or at least a career changer. For Wyllie, he hopes that his arrest will better inform the public of the dangers of Real ID.

He wants to be able to challenge the constitutionality of Real ID as it relates to our 4th Amendment.

“Basically what they’re doing now when you go to the drivers license agency, you have to submit an array of documentation. Much of the documentation, law enforcement would have to submit a warrant for. But just for the simple privilege of driving, you have to surrender all that voluntarily,” he explained.

Also, he said that the drivers license picture is a biometric face scan, which is stored in a database managed by Homeland Security.

“It’s only a matter of time until we’re tracked via our facial recognition scans everywhere we go,” he said.

His hope is to take this case to a jury trial, because he said, now more than ever are people aware of their shrinking civil liberties. He believes that finding jurors that side with him and his beliefs will be easier than if he was arrested in 2011 when he gave up his license.

“Given the recent revelations of NSA spying on Americans, I think it’s going to be that much easier, because everybody now knows that we are being spied on we are being tracked our e-mails are being read, our phone calls are being listened to, and recorded and monitored and stored and catalogued.”

As of now, Wyllie will appear in court for arraignment on June 4 and at the Florida gubernatorial debate on Oct. 15.


Military Police Detain Journalists and Confiscate Equipment

LIMA, Ohio – On Friday outside the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center, two The Blade reporters were detained and had their equipment confiscated by military police.

Reporter Tyrel Linkhorn and photographer Jetta Fraser were in the driveway of General Dynamics’ Land Systems, a tank plant, taking pictures for an upcoming story. They both claim they never went past the armed guards or gated area. However, that did not stop military police confronting them, detaining them and confiscating their photography equipment.

“I’m personally shocked by this incident,” Mr. Block, editor in Chief of Blade said. “I believe our people were totally in the right.”

It was not until after U.S. Sen. Rob Portman’s office made a call to General Dynamics, that the military police agreed to release the photography equipment but only after the photos were reviewed.

The equipment was in the military police’s possession for seven hours. When the equipment was finally returned, Blade employees examined the equipment to find that all of the photos of the building were missing.

The military police denied deleting the photos and said that a representative from the facility deleted them. However, when Keith Deters, manager of the plant, was asked he said no one from their company had handled the camera. Deters stated that “I would have no idea” who would have deleted the photos.

Ms. Fraser said that she was told that taking photos of the building raised concerns of terrorism.

“I really don’t understand what I was not allowed to photograph. If I can see it from the road, it’s available to the public eye,” she said. “If there is something terribly significant there, then they should probably hide it from the public.”

The Blade is considering legal action.


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