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Ben Swann Radio: Shona Banda Explains Her Remarkable Story On How Cannabis Oil Saved Her Life

After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2002, Shona Banda went through the struggles that many suffer with when battling the autoimmune disease. On the Ben Swann Radio Show, Ben and Shona discussed her tribulations while suffering from the disease and her immediate experiences after finding the cure to her disease.

During the show, when Shona Banda discussed her experiences while raising her kids with the disease, she said:

“I literally raised my kids from the couch and tried every pharmaceutical option that was offered including many many surgeries, so when I watched Rick Simpson’s movie Run From The Cure online I knew for sure I wanted to try it.”

Shona couldn’t believe the amazing effects of cannabis, when she told Ben about her first experience while smoking the plant, she said:

“Just smoking it made me fall to the floor and cry, because it’s like finding like Santa Claus isn’t real as an adult – your whole world changes. Because it helps me better than any pharmaceutical I had ever had…just smoking it.”

The road to recovery after finding the cure has taken years for Shona but the feeling of surviving came immediately to her:

“I literally went from feeling the degradation of dying, the pain from dying, knowing that I wasn’t going to be here very long to literally waking up on day three knowing that I was going to live long enough to see my grandkids someday.” 

When Ben asked Shona if people she consults with realizes the same results that she has experienced, Shona said:

“Yes, the longer you’re on the medicine the more healing happens and cancer patients actually seem to heal faster a lot of the times than people with autoimmune disease — and the longer that you had a disease or illness the longer that you need to be on the oil. I had mine seven and a half years and it took me a full year to be on the oil three times a day for me to feel comfortable enough to go down for a maintenance dose.” 

Shona went on to talk about the current media obsession with CBD oil and why modern medicine is falling behind the grassroots when it comes to the healing properties of cannabis.  You can hear more about that as well as the rest of the interview here:

The interview with Shona begins at 19:20.

More about Shona can be found in a story we published earlier this year called, The Cannabis Oil Invention Shona Banda Wouldn’t Hold Secret.


To watch a video of Shona making the oil, click on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5K_lcBU-sI

Ben Swann Radio: Your Favorite Congressman & NY Times best-selling author Dr. Kevin Gutzman

LIVE on Ben Swann Radio this week, New York Times best-selling author, historian and professor Dr. Kevin Gutzman will join us this Friday. In addition to Dr. Gutzman, Politico calls him,”The House’s new Ron Paul.” Congressman Justin Amash (R-Mich.), currently locked in a fierce battle with the establishment, will be Ben’s guest on this Wednesday’s show.

Amash was first elected to US Congress in 2010 after serving on term as a Michigan state representative. His first bid for US Congress was endorsed by Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, FreedomWorks PAC and Club for Growth. Amash won reelection in 2012. Spectators noted that Amash may run for US Senate in 2014. However, Amash instead announced that he would run for reelection in the House.

Amash is currently the chairman of the United States House of Representatives Liberty Caucus. He has consistently been ranked the most conservative, liberty oriented federal representative in Congress. Brian Ellis, Amash’s current establishment Republican primary opponent, has unsuccessfully attempted to pain Amash as a liberal. The two are currently locked in a hot primary battle.

Amash will join us this Friday to discuss his reelection campaign, his congressional record and to answer a couple questions from callers.

Dr. Kevin R. C. Gutzman will follow Congressman Amash. Gutzman is a New York Times best-selling author of four books.  Professor of History at Western Connecticut State University, Gutzman holds a bachelor’s degree, a master of public affairs degree, and a law degree from the University of Texas at Austin, as well as an MA and a PhD in American history from the University of Virginia.  Happy to be a formerattorney, Gutzman devotes his intellectual energy to teaching courses in the Revolutionary and constitutional history of the United States, to writing books and articles in these fields, and to public speaking on related topics.

Dr. Gutzman’s first book was the New York Times best-seller The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution, an account of American constitutional history from the pre-Revolutionary days to the present. This work is unique in joining the fruits of the latest scholarship, a very readable presentation, and a distinctly Jeffersonian point of view. His second book,Virginia’s American Revolution: From Dominion to Republic, 1776-1840, explores the issue what the Revolutionaries made of the Revolution in Thomas Jefferson’s home state. After that, he co-authored Who Killed the Constitution? The Federal Government vs. American Liberty from World War I to Barack Obama with New York Times best-selling author Thomas E. Woods, Jr. Gutzman’s new book is James Madison and the Making of America, and he is already at work on Thomas Jefferson – Revolutionary (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2015 (forthcoming)).

Gutzman will be discussing the Fourteenth Amendment in detail concerning the incorporation doctrine with regards to the Bill of Rights. Gutzman will also clarify some misconceptions concerning James Madison and nullification. Finally, he will take questions from callers.

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