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Ben Swann Discusses Mainstream Media Manipulation at Libertopia

While attending the Libertopia festival in San Diego, Ben Swann was interviewed by Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media to discuss longstanding troubles within the mainstream media including the massive spread of misleading reports and how they manipulate the public.

Swann and Sigurdson talked at length about questionable practices of corporate media including how news stations often follow certain narratives in unison and frame critical issues as a question of winners-vs.-losers rather than right-vs.wrong, and the broader issue of sensationalizing information. Swann offered his views on the solutions to these problems and discussed how Dash Digital Cash has had a critical role in facilitating the rapid progress of decentralized media.

The full interview is available above.

Ben Swann Sits Down with Dash Force’s “3 Amigos”

(Dash Force News) Video repost of episode 41 of the three amigos podcast. This week we were joined by special guest Ben Swann host of Reality Check and owner of Truth In Media.

The 3 amigos podcast takes place every Friday at 3pm EST / 8pm UTC.

If you haven’t done so by now, can you please make sure you like and subscribe to the Dash Force News YouTube channel. Thank you to the Dash community for your continued support.


Written by Mark Mason.

The Crypto Show Ben Swann Returns With Dash Powered Reality Check

(The Crypto Show) On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” our first guest is the great Ben Swann, who returns from a media hiatus to jumpstart some new media projects.

We talk about how Ben got into crypto and Dash in the first place, and then Ben fills us in on the plans for using the funds from his successful Dash proposal to reignite his career of making the same kind of thought-provoking media content that has been disrupting and challenging mainstream media for years. We also talk about his speaking engagement at Anarchapulco.

Our second guest is activist Alma Summers. She tells us about her family’s plans for an open-ended sailboat journey, and the interesting story of how they were able to procure their boat in the first place. She also talks the voluntaryist Jackalope Fest, which is celebrating its 7th year and which she helped found with Ernie Hancock. We also talk about her involvement with BitNation and her speaking engagements at Anarchapulco and Libertopia, as well as the post-Anarchapulco Bitnation event.

Reality Check With Ben Swann on Roku

The Truth In Media team is happy to announce that Reality Check with Ben Swann powered by Dash is now on Roku! You can watch episodes here: https://channelstore.roku.com/details/35662/ben-swann-truth-in-media

Ben’s Reality Check series confronts heavily-discussed topics along with underreported issues to provide a close look at issues that affect individuals across the world. Reality Check has been enjoyed by millions since its inception in 2011.

Reality Check Tuesday, Assad Not Using Sarin Gas in Syria?

Reality Check with Ben Swann, powered by Dash – This Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. ET, we examine new comments about the Syrian government’s alleged use of sarin gas on its own people, and what that means for U.S. foreign policy in Syria. Watch starting tomorrow (2/27) on Facebook, YouTube, DTube and right here on Truth in Media.

Ben Swann at Anarchapulco

Ben Swann will be making a keynote presentation at Anarchapulco on Thursday Feb 15th. Bookmark this page to find updates from the conference!

Update 1:


Update 2:

Good morning from Anarchapulco!

anarchapulco ben Swann

Update 3:

Ben Swann will be speaking today in #Anarchapulco about #decentralizingthemedia. Plus, new Reality Check drops today on how U.S. Foreign Aid policy has created “s***hole” conditions in places like Haiti.


Update 4:

Ben Swann at Dash Booth

Update 5:

Standing ovation from a packed crowd.


Ben Swann Attacked by The New York Times for Pointing Out Rubio’s Voting Record

For many readers and supporters of Ben Swann’s Truth In Media Project, the fact that Swann asks tough questions and calls attention to issues and facts ignored by most of the mainstream media is nothing new. Over the past several years, Swann has developed a knack for delivering under-reported news that resonates with millions of individuals across the globe.

When reporting on any given topic, be it the drug war, mass shootings, politicians, terror attacks, police brutality, or our government’s foreign policy, Swann has never been one to gloss over these subjects or direct viewers and readers to reach any particular conclusion. This quickly becomes clear to most people who have watched Swann’s Truth In Media episodes examining a number of subjects including the origin of ISIS, medical cannabis, and police militarization. Swann’s Reality Check segments that have pointed out misleading statements as well as outright errors of GOP candidates, challenged common narratives about gun violence, and exposed questionable behavior at the CDC are not much different.

On Wednesday, a brief article, regarding a pro-Jeb Bush super PAC video ad which attacked Marco Rubio’s voting attendance record by using a portion of one of Swann’s Reality Check segments, was written in The New York Times by Maggie Haberman. The ad can be seen below:


The full version of the Reality Check segment, which the pro-Jeb Bush PAC Right to Rise pulled an excerpt from to use in its ad, is below.


However, the Times article did not focus on verifying the validity of Swann’s statements about Rubio’s voting attendance. The author instead chose to describe Swann as a “conspiracy-minded journalist” without delving into any examples of Swann’s so-called “focus on conspiracy theories.”

Haberman claims that Swann “examined questions about whether 7 World Trade Center could have collapsed as authorities said it did, and allegations that the gunman in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings didn’t act alone.” This is absolutely true, and Swann has always stood by these examinations. However, the leap that Haberman made to then identify Swann as a “conspiracy-minded journalist” is a large one.

It’s also a leap that was already made by Salon in 2013 in an attempt to label Swann as a “truther-reporter” for his coverage of the Sandy Hook shooting. Salon’s allegations were rebuked by Mic a few days later. “It is quite obvious that Ben Swann is striking a nerve with the national media,” wrote Mic’s Christopher McDaniel. “His latest piece, via his web-based, ‘Full Disclosure’ series, does not allude to any of the shootings being a ‘false flag’ or a ‘hoax.’ However, it does what we the people should demand of journalists— it asks questions.”

Merely asking questions that the mainstream media has never touched upon does not make a journalist “conspiracy-minded.”

Nor does it make one a “truther,” as Marco Rubio’s camp claimed while accusing Right to Rise, the pro-Jeb Bush PAC behind the ad, of using a “noted 9/11, Boston Marathon Bombing, and Sandy Hook Truther as the mouthpiece for their false attacks.”

joe pounder, marco rubio, ben swann

The Washington Post’s David Weigel pointed out that Joe Pounder, an adviser for Marco Rubio, had once tweeted more favorably about Swann’s earlier work. “What was remarkable about Swann’s insta-infamy is that he had been reporting like this for years— and at least one of the people now ringing alarms about him had cited that reporting,” Weigel wrote. “After Swann saw his reputation battered on Twitter, he noticed that Pounder, in his old role at the oppo shop America Rising, had promoted his work at least twice. As a segment on Ohio’s Fox 19, ‘Reality Check’ seemed perfectly acceptable as a source.”

Pounder Ben Obama Interview

Pounder RC IRS tweet

Right to Rise spokesman Paul Lindsay said that “What matters are the facts in the ad, and there’s no conspiracy over the fact that Marco Rubio has missed more votes in the last three years than any other U.S. senator.”

In response to Haberman’s article, Swann pointed out that Haberman had not spoken with him at all, and reached out to him after the article had already been published. “It’s a shame the New York Times did not bother to contact me prior to publishing the article,” Swann said, “and that the Rubio campaign felt the need to attack me personally rather than address the Senator’s voting record, which any journalist can look up as part of the Congressional record.”

When Truth In Media reached out to Haberman to ask why she declined to address Swann’s reporting of Rubio’s voting record, she only stated that she had reached out to Swann and did not receive a reply.

The word “truther” is a slang term commonly used to describe an individual who rejects media narratives as a whole and touts ideas about false flag stories as fact. These words are simply inaccurate for a journalist who has the courage and tenacity to express refreshing skepticism about one piece of information, or happens to bring forth facts that presidential candidates don’t appreciate. The word “conspiracy,” once meant to describe harmful actions planned in secret, appears to have been used in this case in an attempt to ostracize Swann for being one of the last few journalists who takes this responsibility seriously.

Exclusive: Anthem Blanchard Talks Greece, Cryptocurrency And More


Anthem Vault President/CEO/Director Anthem Blanchard sat down with Truth in Media’s Ben Swann to discuss the financial disaster in Greece and how his Bitcoin-gold hybrid, Hayek, will change how people treat currency.

Greece was basically borrowing money to pay pensioners; there is no more money to borrow and there is a run on the banks.

Blanchard speculated on how Greece will solve its problems: “I think what you’re going to see happen actually is that you’ll see Greece in some sort of IOU Euro currency,” he said.

“I think this is a narrative that you’re going to see spread. It’s basically a form of capital control.”

Greece’s potential fix is referred to as a “haircut.”

“Anything over $10,000 will receive a haircut of 30 percent,” explained Blanchard. “You lose 30 percent of your money over $10,000, basically. The small business owner that keeps more than $9,000 in any account- that’s a 30 percent loss right there.”

And that solution could encourage other countries to follow Greece. If Spain decided to overspend on social programs, for example, there is now the idea that the debt could receive a haircut. “So, it sets a precedent. And that’s really the danger in the real sticky situation that the Euro bank and the Euro government heads really have this conundrum on their hands,” he added.

And when it comes down to it, Greece’s middle class will be affected the most. The wealthy have already removed their money from Greece’s banks.

Blanchard said that we should look at Greece’s bigger picture. “There is all of this light shining on this issue right now. We have to point to silver linings here and solutions instead of getting too caught up in what ultimately is an unwinnable and unsavable situation long term.”

Blanchard explained that a situation like Greece is plausible in all countries who use currency not backed by anything.

“Ultimately having the printing press in the hands of the government is a very dangerous thing. That’s specifically why the founders of the U.S. specifically put into the Constitution about being able to identify gold and silver as being coinable money by the states. They recognized that it’s very dangerous for there to be a fiat money, a dictate money, a currency that the government demands that is has to be paid for all debts to a government or its government or its court system fines. It creates artificial demand and abuse, and you see the fallout right in front of our eyes,” explained Blanchard.

And having currency backed by something is why Blanchard is so excited about Hayek. “It’s a marriage between gold and Bitcoin. It’s payable gold. It is completely free of the systemic risk that exists in the existing centralized global banking structure, so just by nature that’s the way that this system works, so the beautiful thing is that even if there is any kind of fallout or any kind of ‘haircut.’”

“We can spend your gold anywhere. Anywhere that has an internet connection,” he added. “And that’s the power of what our team is building.”

This transforms the idea of buying gold, which is typically purchased to hold onto, not to spend. Blanchard’s view is that you’re still buying gold, but you can spend it using this cryptocurrency.

“The process is quite easy, and it’s getting even easier,” he said. “We’re making that gold more liquid.”

Blanchard is changing gold, and also changing Bitcoin.

“We give Bitcoin the stability and trust of a thousand years of gold.”

Click here to listen to Ben Swann’s complete interview with Anthem Blanchard, who talks more about the U.S. banking system and the future of currency.

Announcement: Ben Swann Named Anchor at CBS46 News

Truth in Media Project announced today that Ben Swann will be joining CBS46 TV, Atlanta (WGCL) as an Anchor for its Early Evening and Late Newscasts. He will be starting on June 15th.

“Ben is an accomplished anchor who also has a lot of experience on the digital side. We look forward to putting him next to Sharon Reed and Tracye Hutchins on the news desk,” said CBS46 Vice President/General Manager Mark Pimentel.

Swann has spent the last two years building the Truth in Media project through benswann.com and now truthinmedia.com.  Through the generous support of thousands of backers Swann created 16 episodes of the Truth in Media project, a video series that has garnered millions of views and has impacted the national discussion on issues like cannabis and ISIS.
On the television side, Swann was most recently an Anchor/Reporter at WXIX in Cincinnati. While there Swann became the producer/anchor of a viral segment titled “Reality Check.” Covering the 2012 Republican Presidential primary, Swann confronted problems in the American electoral process, the stranglehold of America’s two party system and the suppression of voters’ choices by mainstream media. During this time, Swann became the first journalist in the nation to take on President Barack Obama face to face regarding the Constitutionality of his “kill list” and is the only journalist to confront Mitt Romney about the railroading of duly elected delegates during the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Prior to that he was an Anchor/Reporter at KTSM in El Paso, TX. He got his start at KFOX in El Paso as an Anchor Reporter. While there he received three Edward R. Murrow Awards and two Emmy Awards.

“To be given an opportunity to be an Anchor in a city like Atlanta is a chance of a lifetime. I can’t wait to get there and get started,” said Swann.  “The beauty of this agreement is that I will continue to oversee and contribute to the Truth in Media project, TruthinMedia.com and will be unveiling my own projects, as well as continuing to press hard and demand answers to tough questions in one of the largest television markets in the country.”

“His work speaks for itself. He’s very excited about getting started on-air and getting actively involved in the community,” said CBS46 News Director Larry Perret.

Swann has a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree from Brigham Young University and a Master of Arts in Humanities Degree from California State University.

About WGCL-TV: WGCL is a CBS affiliate in the # 9 television market in the United States. The station delivers over 32 hours of weekly news product as well as hit CBS Programs such as: Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Big Bang Theory, Madam Secretary, The Good Wife and 60 Minutes. WGCL is owned by the Meredith Corporation.

Ben Swann: Truth In Media Is ‘Unashamedly Questioning The Status Quo’

In an interview with The Jason Stapleton Program, Ben Swann shared details about his upbringing and education, discussed professional journalism career and explained how the Truth In Media is going to explode in the coming years.

When BenSwann.com relaunched as TruthInMedia.com on May 4, the change was emblematic of Swann’s desire for his independent new media project to be bigger than just his work. His site had writers from the start, and the number of writers has grown over time. Today, readers will find content from people with passions across a broad spectrum, from Ron Paul through his Liberty Report to Peter Schiff through his podcast and many other talented and liberty-minded individuals.

We’re trying to bringing on people who have voices in specific areas who really want to focus on liberty and individual freedom,” Swann told Stapleton during the interview. “One thing that is important for people to understand is that what’s very different about our site and our news brand compared to others is that we really exert no editorial control over what writers or contributors put up. We don’t ask to see what you are going to put up in advance.

“. . . We are looking for people who have integrity and who believe in questioning things. So what we’re trying to do is to continue to partner with people who can continue to present questions. And I think one thing that will start to set us apart from other brands in new media is that we’re not about click bait and we’re not about conspiracies. We are about legitimate questions because there’s so much out there right in front of our faces that needs to be questioned.

Swann described Truth In Media as “unashamedly questioning the status quo” and a “site that is honest and will correct itself when it’s wrong.” Stapleton shared his own perspective on the project, which he has been involved with since its launch last month.

It’s really a credit to what you guys at Truth In Media that not only is the content so good, but that the focus is on creating an alternative news media source that can be trusted,” Stapleton said. “I’ve just been really impressed with everything that I’ve seen come out of Truth In Media and everything you produced. Your piece on ISIS, I have such a close tie with that because I spent so much time working with the State Department and other private companies and other three-letter acronym government agencies in those parts of the world. I know what’s going on over there. And to see someone so clearly articulate what every major news media outlet should be talking about was incredible. That’s what got my attention and got me to perk up and start paying attention to what you were doing. And I love it.

I suggest every single person go and become a subscriber and visit the site daily. It’s something that I go to every single day when I’m running through my news items and checking what we’re going to be talking about on the show.

Watch the full interview above and check out more of The Jason Stapleton Program on Truth In Media.

In case you missed Ben Swann’s Truth In Media episode on ISIS watch it below:


“This is NOT What Democracy Looks Like”- Sights and Sounds from Baltimore

With our heavy coverage of Baltimore and the riots, protests, activists and policing, TruthinMedia.com along with the crews at RT America have been covering the unrest in Baltimore since the very beginning.

RT America photojournalists have complied these sights and sounds from protests in Baltimore and New York City which gives a clear look at to what protestors are demanding.

The Rise of Killer Robots?

Robotics is the most important innovation in warfare since the invention of the long bow, and may threaten the future of the human race. That is the claim being made by liberal commentator ‘Lionel’ of Lionel Media.

In the interview above, Lionel claims that by further allowing for soldiers and political leaders to be removed from those they are killing, devices with “supervised autonomy” and artificial intelligence can lead to a dangerous escalation in violence that may be impossible to restrain once a critical point is reached.

Best Discussion You’ll Hear About Reality of Iraq on 12 Year Anniversary

Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, has been one of the many critics of US policies during the invasion of Iraq.

During an in-depth interview with Ben Swann, McAdams talks about the Obama administration’s hypocrisy in asking for an AUMF in the face Bush administration’s errors, the poor care of veterans when they return to the US and the millions wasted in the years of this military operation.

Truth in Media: The Origin of ISIS

In the latest episode of Truth in Media, Ben Swann investigates the origins of the militant group referred to as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The name ISIS is one that every American knows,” Swann said “The biggest threat to our national security since Al-Qaeda, right? They are a brutal, savage group known for public beheadings and mass executions. They are the face of the new war on terror.”

Swann pointed out that while the U.S. Military is currently conducting airstrikes in Syria, in a supposed attempt to take out ISIS targets, the White House and U.S. military leaders are discussing possible boots on the ground in Iraq. These talks are arising just three years after President Obama declared that the war in Iraq was over.

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told USA Today that in order to defeat ISIS, he believes the United States is looking at “a 30-year-war.”

As the U.S. goes to war in an attempt to defeat yet another terrorist group, the biggest question is: Who exactly is ISIS and where did they come from?

Angela Keaton, the founder of Antiwar.com, said that ISIS is “entirely a creation of the United States’ behavior in Iraq.”

That’s how we got to where we are, because of war, because of occupation, because of torture,” Keaton said. “The United States government completely destabilized and wrecked Iraq. They caused it to fail miserably and that is entirely the fault of the United States government. There is no one else to blame.”

Swann explained that when the U.S. first invaded Iraq, it “blew the country apart.” By destroying the existing government, toppling Saddam Hussein, and destroying the infrastructure, the U.S. “left behind a power vacuum” that would never have existed under Hussein.

Daniel McAdams, the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute, said that the impact caused by the actions of the United States is a “historical fact that media just won’t discuss.”

This has to do with U.S. action in the region, which destroyed the infrastructure, which destroyed Iraq society, which destroyed the Iraqi government,” McAdams said. He explained that while there were a lot of people who weren’t “as happy as larks” while living under Saddam Hussein, they also weren’t at odds with Hussein in the same way they were with the government established by the U.S.

The militant group ISIS was formed as a small insurgent group in Iraq in 2006. Swann noted that while they tried to create problems for the U.S. military, they had no money and no real ability to recruit.

It wasn’t until 2009 that ISIS shifted its focus from Iraq, where it was largely unsuccessful in developing a foothold, and focused on the civil war in Syria,” Swann said.

While in Syria, ISIS still struggled to gain a foothold. Swann attributed this to the fact that two larger groups fighting against President Bashar al-Assad were overpowering them: al-Nusra Front – or al-Qaeda – and the Free Syrian Army.

Then, came a pivotal moment that most Americans aren’t even aware of,” Swann said. “In June 2013, a Northern General for the Free Syrian Army spoke out on Al Jazeera Qatar and stated that if international forces did not send weapons, the rebels attempting to overthrow Syrian president Bashar al-Assad would lose their war within a month.”

Swann noted that just months before this occurred he had personally confronted President Obama on the issue of why the U.S. was covertly funding Syrian rebels. Although Obama acted as if he was proceeding with caution, politicians such as Senator John McCain demanded action.

Within a matter of weeks of the Syrian general making his plea for international help, the U.S., the Saudis, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey and Israel began providing weapons, training and money to so-called rebel groups like the Free Syrian Army,” Swann said.

In September 2013, American media outlets began reporting that weapons were being given to Syrian rebels. CNN reported that while the weapons are not “American-made,” they were “funded and organized by the CIA.”

However, Swann said that things began to fall apart when less than one year after the U.S. supplied Syrian “freedom fighters” with weapons, those weapons ended up in the hands of ISIS fighters.

Those ISIS fighters came from the group McCain insisted would help the U.S. overthrow Assad: the Free Syrian Army. Swann explained that the army was not only sending the Islamic State weapons, it was also sending them fighters.

The Free Syrian Army has lost most of the land that it ever claimed and it’s entirely incompetent,” Keaton said. “The only thing that it has been good at is currying favor with western leaders.”

Swann said that it wasn’t until June 2014 that ISIS went from being a “no-name group in Syria” to a group that was “heavily armed and trained by U.S. and Coalition Special Forces.” This revitalized group made a dramatic entrance by crossing back over the Syrian border into Iraq and capturing Mosul and much of the northern part of the country.

One of the most important facts that mainstream media ignores time and time again is that ISIS was able to grow so fast, because of all the U.S. military equipment they were able to seize – equipment that our military left in Iraq,” said Swann. “Truckloads of Humvees, tanks and weaponry that instead of taking or destroying, the U.S. government simply decided to leave behind.

However, even when the U.S. government became aware that ISIS fighters were capturing U.S. equipment, it did nothing. Swann attributed the lack of action to the fact that ISIS fighters were taking the equipment back into Syria to continue fighting Assad, which was what the U.S. government wanted.

How is it that the United States, with all of its intelligence capabilities, didn’t know this threat was coming?” McAdams said. “How many billions did we spend, maybe a hundred billion on total intelligence community budge over the year? How did they have no idea?”

Swann said that the answer is simple: “The U.S. did know who ISIS was, but the so-called Islamic State was doing what the Obama administration wanted.”

The ISIS fighters continued to do what the Obama administration wanted, and in late summer 2014, they were labeled what Swann called, “the new boogeyman in the war on terror.”

Over the past few months, the U.S. government, who acted like they had never even heard of ISIS, suddenly, with the help of media has turned the Islamic State into the new focus of the war on terror,” Swann said. “Now, as ISIS has continued its rise, recruitment is exploding and the group is becoming stunningly wealthy.”

Swann noted that in response to the “ISIS threat,” the U.S. began “conducting airstrikes on Syrian oil fields, instead of going after those buying the oil.”

McAdams pointed out that ISIS makes $2 million a day off of selling oil, and the United States’ response, of “undercutting the competition” by blowing up oil fields makes no sense. He questioned why the U.S., which is known for sanctioning “anything that moves,” when it’s angry, is not placing sanctions on the banks or the oil companies that are involved.

Swann added that in addition to those questions, Americans should also be asking, “Why is the U.S. sending $500 million to the Free Syrian Army to fight ISIS when the FSA is one of the biggest suppliers of fighters and weapons to ISIS?” and “Why are we sending new and more powerful weapons to the FSA like anti-aircraft missiles – weapons that we know will be in the hands of ISIS?

Swann maintained that while the mainstream media will say that ISIS is the “creation of American inaction,” the reality is that they are the “product of direct action.”

This direct action started with “the action of creating a power vacuum in Iraq” and manifested into the “arming violent Jihadists, hoping they would overthrow a leader in a neighboring Middle Eastern country.”

McAdams described the U.S. government as a victim of its own insane policies, due to the fact that it is “very good at blowing things up, but really bad at putting them back together.”

In determining whether or not McAdams’ statement was true, Swann listed three facts:

Fact #1: “Our government armed Osama bin Laden and the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and created al-Qaeda.”

Fact #2: “Our government put Saddam Hussein into power – we helped supply and create chemical weapons for him to use against Iran in 1980 – and then we overthrew him in 2003.”

Fact #3: “Our government trained rebel fighters in Syria who would become the group today known as ISIS. We have watched them commit every violent atrocity you can imagine to people living in Iraq and Syria, and now we want American taxpayers to fund a 30-year war with them.”

Swann came to the conclusion that it isn’t the U.S. government being held hostage by crazy policies; rather it is the American people.

It is time that we reject the destruction of people groups around the world for the sake of foreign policy that makes so-called defense contractors rich, and perpetuates violence, death, and the destruction of entire people groups,” Swann said. “This is the central issue of our time – because humanity is greater than politics.”

Truth in Media Gets It Right, DOJ Says Policing for Profit Part of Ferguson Discrimination

A report from an investigation conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice revealed that the police department in Ferguson, Missouri, exercised discrimination against the black community by using excessive force, issuing minor citations and making unnecessary traffic stops.

While the full report has not yet been released, anonymous federal law enforcement officials told the Associated Press that it “chronicles discriminatory practices across the city’s criminal justice system, detailing problems from initial encounters with patrol officers to treatment in the municipal court and jail.

The investigation began weeks after an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, was shot and killed by a white police officer, Darren Wilson, in the city of Ferguson in August.

The officials told the Associated Press the investigation found that in a city that is 67 percent African American, “black were 68 percent less likely than others to have their cases dismissed by a municipal court judge.”

The officials also found that 88 percent of the time use of excessive force was documented by police, it was being used against a black individual, and that out of the city’s 53 police officers, only three were black.

Investigative Journalist Ben Swann documented the clashes between the residents and local police when he visited the city of Ferguson in November.

Swann pointed out that while a lot of people would describe the moment Brown was shot by Wilson as the moment conflict began, some of the city’s residents would say the shooting was the highlight of something that has been building under the surface for decades.

Mark and Earl Banks, brothers who grew up in Ferguson, and now live in Detroit, told Swann that they aren’t surprised by this incident, and that the issues in Detroit are no different than the issues in Ferguson.

Joe Stevenson, who also grew up in Ferguson, told Swann that 30 years ago, just like today, the relationship between citizens and police was tense. He attributed this to the fact that police would look for anyone to write tickets for in order to obtain money from fines.

You could make the argument that this all comes back to social media and new media: the ability for people to rally together, to protest, to communicate, for information to rise to the surface,” Swann said. “Maybe this incident was a long time coming, but for many they’re glad that the moment is finally here.”

Ferguson Sued For Running “Debtor’s Prison”

Washington D.C.- Civil rights lawyers are taking the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Mo. to court over what they are calling unconstitutional “debtors prisons.”

The claim is that city officials routinely burden low-income individuals with outrageous fines before proceeding to throw them in jail for failure to pay these penalties, the group of attorneys is targeting the largely African-American city’s second largest source of income.

In the video above, Ben Swann talk with RT’s Marina Portnaya.