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Cold Welcome For Scott Brown’s Exploratory Committee Announcement

Nashua, N.H. —  After just recently moving to New Hampshire, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown announced at the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference that he is forming an exploratory committee to explore the option of running for Senate in New Hampshire.

He plans on touring New Hampshire in what he calls his “Main Streets & Living Rooms Tour”, saying, “Starting tomorrow morning, and for the next several weeks, Gail and I will be traveling around the state to introduce ourselves, to ask questions, to speak with everyone of every background – Republicans, independents and Democrats alike – and above all to listen to them and learn of their concerns,”

His announcement was welcomed by GOP insiders and establishment. However, his announcement was not so welcomed by New Hampshire GOP grassroots. Facebook groups and pages lit up with groans and disapproval of Scott Brown’s not-so-Republican voting record.

One Facebook group in particular seemed to stream nothing but disappointment. A picture posted on the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire’s feed summed up the disappointment:
Many GOP grassroots pointed out that they feel Brown is anti-gun, making reference to Brown’s role on an advisory board of a gun manufacturer that wants to install RFID tracking devices on firearms.

Brown’s top two competitors in the primary are not going to just lay over.

“This primary campaign will draw a clear contrast between the voices of the voters in New Hampshire, and the one-size fits all, top-down approach from those in Washington,” Jim Rubens spokesman James Basbas said.

Meanwhile, Bob Smith challenged Brown to 10 debates in the 10 counties adding he would even supply Brown with a map.

A Suffolk University general election poll shows Brown far behind incumbent Shaheen, trailing her 52% to 39%.

“If he manages to survive a Republican primary against Republicans who are actually from New Hampshire, he’ll have an even tougher general election against Jeanne Shaheen, whose common sense leadership makes a difference for New Hampshire,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party spokesman Harrell Kirstein.