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Shooter at Virginia Army base injures self, no others

Early Monday morning, Fort Lee in Virginia went on lockdown as a single shot was heard from inside the Combined Arms Support Command Headquarters.

Fort Lee, an Army base about 130 miles south of Washington DC, went on lockdown at about 9 a.m. but after 50 minutes, the “all clear” was given.

Upon investigation from first responders inside the base, a female soldier turned a gun on herself, fired the single shot, and injured only herself.  According to a post from the Fort Lee Facebook page, “Special Agents from the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command are on scene and investigating the incident.”

One official, according to FOX News, described the shooter as “disgruntled,” however, the identity of the shooter has yet to be released.

This shooting comes only four months following the most recent shooting at Fort Hood, and new protocols for active shooters were announced only days ago at Fort Lee in response to the Fort Hood shooting.  According to ABC News, it is unclear at this time whether or not these new protocols were used in this event.

As of right now, Army officials are investigating the shooting, while the shooter has been transported to the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center.  Her condition is unknown as of now.

Army officials are expected to give a statement on the shooting later in the day.

BREAKING: Pakistan Terrorists Promise Deadly Attacks On NYC & DC

The Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP), Pakistan’s most dangerous terrorist organization, promised to attack New York City and Washington, D.C. in a newly released video.

The video, obtained this morning by The Blaze, shows a map of the United States with animated bombs dropping. The video claims that suicide fighters have already been trained and entered NATO countries.

Umar Media, a company of TTP, produced the video.

It shows hooded fighters training with automatic weapons and pistols in isolated mountains. A voice-over urges Muslims around the world to join jihad. According to a translation of the video, it says, “[W]hatever skills you have, whether you be a Muslim living in a NATO country, or Muslims living in Iraq, New York, or Washington, we invite them to study Islam, recite the Koran, look at its orders, then come to the mujahideen and we will train you, stand in our ranks.”

A promise is then made to seek revenge on America and other NATO countries: “I urge you to think – begin jihad against NATO countries, Americans and their allies in their own cities, in their own regions. Whatever skills you may have, whether he be an engineer, into electronics, chemical expert, or of intellectual and logical skills, we invite them to think…”

In the video, TTP said it ordered the 2010 failed bombing in Times Square. It also claimed responsibility for the most deadly attack in CIA history, when in 2009, seven CIA agents died in Afghanistan.

The Blaze reported that they obtained the video from “a Pakistani citizen living in Peshawar, who has asked to remain anonymous for fear of his life. It was also obtained by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) on Saturday, said executive director of MEMRI Steve Stalinsky. Stalinsky sent the translation to The Blaze.”

A US official told The Blaze, “TTP aspires to conduct attacks against the West, but the group is much more capable of striking local targets in Pakistan, where TTP is principally focuse. However, if a Western passport holder — someone like Times Square bomber Faisal Shazhad – were to approach the group and offer his services, the TTP probably wouldn’t turn him away.”

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BREAKING: Capitol Hill Lockdown Lifted, Female Suspect Killed On Scene By Police


On Thursday afternoon, gunshots were fired near the U.S. Capitol. The shots were fired at Second Avenue and Maryland Street, two blocks from the capitol.

One suspect has reportedly been taken into custody.

Almost immediately after the shots were heard, the House recessed and the Senate went into a quorum call. They have been told to “immediately shelter in place.”

Throughout this incident, various politicians have been keeping people updated on Twitter:

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 2.53.04 PM

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 2.54.01 PM

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 2.54.24 PM

At this time, there are reports of one injury.

Terrance Gainer, the Senate’s Sergeant at Arms, said, “There are reports of injuries.” Harry Reid was quoted in CNN as saying there was at least “one injury.”

Here is the official statement put out by the U.S. Capitol:

“SHELTER IN PLACE. Gunshots have been reported on Capitol Hill requiring staff in all Senate Office Buildings to immediately shelter in place. Close, lock and stay away from external doors and windows. Take annunciators, emergency supply kits and escape hoods; and move to your office’s assigned shelter in place location or the innermost part of the office away from external doors or windows. If you are not near your office, go to the office nearest to you and shelter with that office and then check in with your OEC. No one will be permitted to enter or exit the building until directed by USCP. Staff is advised to monitor the situation. Further information will be provided as it becomes available.”

We will keep you up to date on the situation as information becomes available.


According to a DC official, the incident started at the White House and then ended on Capitol Hill.

As reported by CBS, “Sources say the incident started when the woman tried to ram the barricade at the White House with her vehicle. She then fled 16 blocks to Capitol Hill. ABC’s White House correspondent Ann Compton reports that a child was in the car but was not harmed. Police say the woman had no identification on her and her car was leased out-of-state.”

The female suspect was shot dead by police.

One officer was injured during the incident. As he drove to the scene, his car was lifted out of the air by a metal barricade coming out the ground, and then slammed on its front grill.

Two additional injuries have been reported.

The lockdown, which affected Capitol Hill and the White House, was lifted around 3 pm after officers put out a statement saying, “The incident has concluded. It is now safe to resume normal activities.”

President Obama has been notified of the incident.

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