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California’s New Vaccine Law Puts Kids In Danger

The new law in California which bans medical exemptions for vaccines puts thousands of children in harms way. The law prevents doctors from exempting children who could and have had life threatening reactions to vaccines. This Reality Check is part of a full podcast episode which goes much more in depth on this issue.


Truth in Media Podcast


California’s War on Vaccine Exemptions

In this episode, we’re discussing California’s newly passed mandatory vaccine law known as SB 276. The proponents of SB 276 claim it will improve the oversight of medical vaccine exemptions, and the bill’s passage has sparked controversy as some say it effectively removes all medical exemptions putting thousands of children at risk. We’re going to take a look at this law and break down what it means. Featured in this episode is an interview with the legendary activist, attorney and leading critic of the new law, Robert F Kennedy Jr., where we talk about who is actually behind the push for SB 276 as well as many other laws like it across the country In episode #3 of Truth in Media with Ben Swann.

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Ron Paul: ‘Nearly Impossible To Opt-Out’ Of California Vaccine Law

What are the implications for our liberties when government decides to play doctor with its citizens?

Consider the California vaccine law. It’s nearly impossible to opt-out of the new mandatory laws approved by Gov. Jerry Brown, according to Ron Paul. The law is among the most restrictive mandatory vaccine laws in the United States. Actor and comedian Jim Carrey took to Twitter to vent his frustrations with the law, calling it “corporate fascism.”

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