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Former Virginia political candidate indicted on murder charges

Charles Severance, a resident of Alexandria, Virginia who had ran for political office in Virginia in the 1990’s and 2000’s, has been indicted on ten charges, including murder and weapons related charges.

The killings in question date back to 2003 when real estate agent Nancy Dunning was found murdered in the Alexandria area.  There were other murders in the surrounding neighborhoods in the following years, one as recent as February.  These killings have sparked fears of a possible serial killer in Alexandria and the encompassing areas.

Ballistics experts had found similarities between the weapons used in all three murders, according to ABC News.

Severance, 53, was identified by a caregiver, who had survived the February slaying, with the help of forensic sketch artists.  When police contacted Severance in March, he left the state but was later arrested in a Wheeling, W. Va. library, according to the Washington Post.

Severance was initially arrested on a weapons related charge since he is a felon and therefore not allowed to carry a firearm.  He had previously pleaded guilty to a 2005 felony gun possession charge.

In 1996 and 2000, Severance made a run for mayor of Alexandria, but his odd and erratic behavior caused officials to take notice.  Police at the time conducted a routine investigation after tips were passed off to them pointing to Severance in connection with the 2003 homicide, according to the Washington Times.  After the investigation, police concluded Severance was not a suspect at the time.

Prosecutors for the case say they are not planning to pursue the death penalty.  The maximum sentence Severance could therefore face is life in prison if he is convicted of the murder charges.

“This has been a complex and time-consuming investigation that has spanned almost 11 years,” said the Alexandria police in a statement.

Indiana GOP candidate defends Facebook comments

John Johnston, an Indiana GOP candidate running for the House of Representatives, is defending controversial comments on poverty he made via Facebook.

“For almost three generations people, in some cases, have been given handouts,” stated Johnston on Facebook.  “No one has the guts to just let [poor people] wither and die.”

Johnston continues by calling out political candidates from both sides of the aisle on not calling a “spade a spade,” and “enabling” this type of behavior. “As long as the Dems can get their votes, the enabling will continue.  The Republicans need their votes and dare not cut the fiscal tether.”

Some have called Johnston out on these comments saying he wants to end welfare and food stamp programs.  Johnston has replied to these accusations saying he does not believe a thoughtful society would let people go hungry, and he was simply speaking in hyperbole.  He also said he has no intention of ending these programs.

Later, Johnston commented on a Facebook post from Mad Mac, a Facebook group which satirizes and makes fun of politics in northern Indiana, saying, with regards to his earlier statements, “Able bodied people are trapped in poverty because they have nowhere, no idea, no hope of anything other than the subsistence life that the government gives them.”

Speaker of the House Boehner : We Must Openly Support Our Gay Candidates

NASHVILLE, December 5th, 2013–

Today Speaker of the House John Boehner told CNN correspondents that the GOP certainly needs to begin openly supporting gay GOP politicians that run for office. When asked the question by CNN, Boehner responded, “I do.”

Last Summer support for gay marriage hit an all time high. The surge of support came on the heels of the Supreme Court ruling that laws governing gay marriage should remain within the states.

There is certainly a generational divide when it comes to laws governing homosexuality in the republican party. Overall, 56% of republicans oppose gay marriage. However, the plurality of republicans under 50 support gay marriage. Forty-nine percent of republicans under 50 support gay marriage, while only 46% oppose it. Without regard to political party, 73% of voters under 30 support gay marriage.

With the majority of Americans supporting gay marriage, and a vast majority of younger voters supporting it, establishment republicans are now singing a different tune.

Rep Randy Forbes (R-VA) shot back at Speaker Boehner in opposition. According to Politico, Forbes has been leading something of a crusade in Washington to convince colleges that PAC money and think-tank support should not be given to gay republican candidates.

Forbes says that he doesn’t oppose individuals giving money to gay candidates, but feels that aggregate resources should not be delegated to such candidates.

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