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Exclusive: Jesse Ventura Says American Sniper “Falls Short in Honor Department”

Washington D.C.- “One must not be a liar to have honor, which means that Navy SEAL Chris Kyle falls short on the honor department,” said former Minnesota Governor and SEAL Jesse Ventura in an exclusive interview with Ben Swann.

Swann talked to Ventura about the stunning success of the movie American Sniper, which has taken in over $200 million dollars in its first two weeks.

In an interview focusing on the controversy surrounding the movie “American Sniper,” Ventura explained why he felt he needed to sue over Chris Kyle’s claim that he punched out the former Governor and why after winning that suit, he is now suing again. Ventura is now suing the publisher Harper Collins for enriching themselves off the story for which a federal judge said there was “substantial evidence” was fabricated.