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ISIS burns and destroys over 8,000 books in Mosul

Militant members of ISIS have reportedly broken their way into the Mosul public library, where they burned an estimated 8,000 books, some of which were rare and historical manuscripts.

A bearded militant, according to CBS DC, told residents living near the library, “These books promote infidelity and call for disobeying Allah. So they will be burned.”

Ghanim al-Ta’an, the director of the public library, said the militants used an improvised explosive devices against the library with the hopes of destroying it, but when these efforts failed, the militants looted the books instead.

According to the Fiscal Times, the library housed many historical items and texts such as manuscripts written in the eighteenth century, books from the Ottoman era, and books printed in the nineteenth century in the first Iraqi printing house.

Militants are known to regularly burn books and manuscripts and destroy tombs and shrines of the cities and areas they have claimed as part of their caliphate. The militants also destroyed the church of Mary the Virgin and the Mosul University Theater on the same day, according to Breitbart.

A history professor at the University of Mosul spoke with the Lebanon Daily Star and said militants had started to destroy other public libraries in the area last month. Archives in a Sunni Muslim library, a library belonging to a 265-year-old Latin Church and Monastery of the Dominican Fathers, and works in the Mosul Museum Library were destroyed. Some of the works which were destroyed dated back to 5,000 B.C.

Rayan al-Hadidi, an activist and blogger in Mosul said, after the burning of the books from the library in Mosul, “900 years ago, the books of the Arab philosopher Averroes were collected before his eyes…and burned. One of his students started crying while witnessing the burning. Averroes told him… the ideas have wings…but I cry today over our situation.”

Jesus Christ, Valentine’s Day, The State, And Nullification: How They’re Related

NASHVILLE, February 14, 2015– I’m standing in line at Whole Foods and there is a flurry of men and women swamping the aisles for last minute Valentine’s Day gifts. The scene reminds me of a very important lesson… What do Jesus, Valentine’s Day, the State and Nullification have in common?
While waiting in line to buy overpriced roses and sugar, enjoy a little history lesson:

St. Valentine was Roman Christian priest that lived through the reign of the Emperor Claudias. At the time, Claudias was persecuting the Church and had issued an edict banning the Church from marrying Christians. Valentine repudiated the law and secretly married thousands of Christians. He was eventually caught, tortured for quite some time, and eventually sentenced to death by decapitation.

So, what does St. Valentine teach us about the law and love? At some point, we must decide whether or not to stand for what is right regardless of what the ruling class decides is right. After all, unjust laws are not laws at all. This is especially true for Christians due to the fact that the law of Jesus Christ is soverign. What does that singular law tell us? Love. Love God, and love your neighbor, as you love yourself. We are not told: “Love your State.”

“‘Which commandment is the most important of all?’ Jesus answered, ‘The most important is, “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” The second is this: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” -Mark 12:28–31

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City of Houston demands Pastors turn over sermons

HOUSTON, October 15, 2014 – The city of Houston has issued subpoenas to a group of local pastors demanding that they turn over all sermons and communications that pertain to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, a measure that was approved by the city council this past June. The ordinance, which is also commonly referred to as the “bathroom bill” is a set of non-discrimination laws that specifically aim to protect transgender rights.

Under these subpoenas, pastors must hand over any sermons that have dealt with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly gay mayor. Pastors who fail to comply with the demands could be held in contempt of court.

Christina Halcomb, an attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the national law firm that is representing the five Houston pastors, stated, “The city’s subpoena of sermons and other pastoral communications is both needless and unprecedented.” Halcomb continued stating, “The city council and its attorneys are engaging in an inquisition designed to stifle any critique of its actions.”

ADF filed a motion to stop the subpoenas claiming the motions are “overbroad, unduly burdensome, harassing, and vexatious.”

The non-discrimination laws were implemented to, among other things, allow men to use ladies restrooms and vice versa. The ordinance was met with fierce opposition and a petition that according the Houston Chronicle reportedly garnered over 50,000 signatures, a number that far surpassed the 17,269 required to put a referendum on the ballot. However, the petition was thrown out by the city in August over alleged irregularities.

The subpoenas against the Houston pastors were issued after a lawsuit was filed against the city by petitioners. Though the pastors were not included in the lawsuit’s filings, they were included in a group of over 400 Houston based churches that opposed the ordinance.

Steve Riggle, the senior pastor of Grace Community Church stated, “This is an attempt to chill pastors from speaking to the cultural issues of the day.” Riggle went on to state, “The mayor would like to silence our voice. She’s a bully.”

David Welch, another pastor among the group subpoened, who serves as the pastor for Bear Creek Church and also as the director for the Houston Area Pastor Council stated, “We’re not afraid of this bully. We’re not intimidated at all.” Welch went on to state, “We are not going to yield our First Amendment rights. This is absolutely a complete abuse of authority.”

Tony Perkins, the head of the Family Research Council stated, “The state is breaching the wall of separation between church and state. Pastors need to step forward and challenge this across the country. I’d like to see literally thousands of pastors after they read this story begin to challenge government authorities – to dare them to come into their churches and demand their sermons.”

Mayor Parker will not publicly state why she wants the pastors’ sermons. When contacted, Janice Evans, the mayor’s director of communications, only stated, “We don’t comment on litigation.”

However, ADF attorney Erik Stanley believes this is an attempt to shame pastors and publicly paint them as anti-gay bigots. Stanley stated, “This is designed to intimidate pastors.”

“City council members are supposed to be public servants, not ‘Big Brother’ overlords who will tolerate no dissent or challenge,” Stanley stated.


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Oklahoma Lawmakers: Get the government out of marriage

Should the government even regulate marriage? According to Oklahoma State Representative Mike Turner, the answer is an emphatic “No!”

Turner is proposing a ban on all marriage. “They’re willing to have that discussion about whether marriage needs to be regulated by the state at all,” Turner talked to KWTV, about his constituents’ interest in the marriage ban idea.  He also said that his fellow conservatives feel the same way.

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Opponents say that Turner is proposing this ban to keep same sex marriage in Oklahoma illegal. Oklahoma’s ban on same sex marriage was recently found unconstitutional.

“Would it be realistic for the State of Oklahoma to say, ‘We’re not going to do marriage period?'” Turner was asked. He replied, “That would definitely be a realistic opportunity, and it’s something that would be part of the discussion.”

Turner’s outlook is consistent with his own values. According to Mike Turner’s campaign website, “I will stand for the traditional values that have made this country great. Some believe values like faith and family are outdated. I believe they are timeless. I’ll support the right to life, Second Amendment freedoms, the rights of students to pray in school and our right to publicly express our faith.”

Turner said that he plans to see how the federal appeals process turns out before moving forward with the marriage ban.

The dispute over Oklahoma’s ban on same-sex marriage remains headed to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Ask those in the liberty movement their opinion on marriage and you’ll get a broad spectrum of opinions. In 2012, Libertarian Party presidential candidate and former governor Gary Johnson said that marriage equality is a civil right under the Constitution. Ron Paul believes that the government should get of the marriage business completely. He says that it should be done by the church or private contracts. See video. Both believe that marriage “is none of the government’s business.”

What’s your opinion? Please comment below.

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