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Will Congressman Justin Amash Lose His Seat In 2014?

Congressman Amash (R-MI), a libertarian leaning republican, is a hero to those who support him. Amash has a spotless record when it comes to core conservative values. In fact, he’s even won awards for his strong votes. Yet, his support of civil liberties and sound economic policy have caused disdain from neoconservatives. Justin Amash

Karl Rove recently attacked Amash on national TV saying that he is far more liberal and votes with Nancy Pelosi more than any other House republican. In fact, the exact inverse is true. Amash votes against Pelosi more than any other House republican.

Regardless, businessman Brian Ellis is expected to formally announce his  campaign against Amash in the coming days. Ellis says that Michigan deserves a more “traditional conservative”. Perhaps he’s referring to the likes of George Bush, Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

Ellis’ campaign bio declares that he is a “fiscal and social conservative Republican who embraces traditional values, limited government, and strong national security.”

Ellis is reportedly well funded. A group of wealthy businessmen within the state are going to be backing him.  Karl Rove’s super PAC, “Conservative Victory Project”, could jump in to support Ellis. After all, Rove has already been misleading the country on where Amash stands, and the super PAC was created specifically to squash tea party/libertarian republicans from winning elections.