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Judge Dismisses Nurses’ “Vaccine Rights” Case

Judge Dismisses Nurses “Vaccine Rights” Case – powered by ise.media

A Federal Judge has dismissed the lawsuit filed by nurses and employees of a Houston Hospital who were told to get the Covid vaccine or they’re fired. The Judge dismissed the case, falsely stating that the Covid 19 vaccines are not experimental. Meanwhile the CDC is holding an emergency meeting this week and Israeli doctors say there has been an alarming rate of heart inflammation, especially in young men.

Vaccine Passports Used To Create A Lesser Class of Citizens?

Vaccine Passports Used To Create A Lesser Class of Citizens? – powered by ise.media

Are vaccine passports being used to create a group of second class citizens? A doctor on CNN recently referred to forcing vaccinations as the “carrot” in order for people to be allowed to get back to their normal lives.


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