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Texas DPS Replaces Original Dashcam Video Of Sandra Bland Arrest

The death of Sandra Bland, a woman found hanged in a jail cell three days after her arrest following a minor traffic infraction, has led to video footage of the arrest to fall under heightened scrutiny.

Following the release of dashcam footage capturing Sandra Bland’s traffic stop and controversial arrest, the Texas Department of Public Safety faced a swarm of accusations regarding doctoring of footage when viewers discovered inconsistencies in the video. The Texas DPS has since removed the original footage and replaced it with another video.

In the original footage, there were multiple instances in which video would appear to show looping images while the audio remained continuous. In one section of video around the 25 minute mark, the tow truck driver arriving to remove Bland’s car was seen exiting his truck, leaving the video frame, and then reappearing several times while trooper Brian Encinia continued speaking uninterrupted.

In another section of the video at approximately 32 minutes and 36 seconds into the footage, a white car was shown disappearing in the street and reappearing while the audio of Encinia speaking was uninterrupted.

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The original video uploaded by the Texas DPS was removed on Wednesday. However, a copy of the original from the YouTube channel of Photography Is Not A Crime is currently available to view and can be seen below:

Texas DPS uploaded a new video in its place, seen below, which is about three minutes shorter and does not show all of the reported errors. Neither video contains a visible time code.

Texas DPS spokesman Tom Vinger stated that the video was not edited and that uploading issues were to blame for the errors in the video.

“The entire video was uploaded to include the audio and video of the conversation the trooper had by telephone with his sergeant, which occurred after the arrest,” Vinger said in a statement. “Some of the video during this conversation was affected in the upload and is being addressed.”

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