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Results: Ben Swann’s March Presidential Poll

Here are the results from Ben Swann’s March presidential poll. A total of 2,089 people took this survey. Just under 35% taking the poll were Republicans, followed closely by “None” at 32% and Libertarians with 27%.


In the Republican Party section of the poll, Rand Paul received 91%, with 1,677 votes- pulling him far ahead of all of the other candidates listed.


For the Democrat section of the poll, 535 people- 75%- chose “none of the above” or “other”. Hillary Clinton was in second place, followed by Elizabeth Warren.


Ralph Nader was the favorite pick for the Green Party with 42% of the votes. “None” or “other” was in second place, receiving 289 votes for 25% of the votes.


For the Libertarian section of the poll, Gary Johnson was overwhelmingly the favorite with 89% of the votes.


Ted Cruz was the winner for the Constitution Party with 48%, and Mike Lee was second at 31%.



This was not a scientific poll.