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Porn Appears On Govt. Website, Bureaucrats Take Over One Week To Remove It

A porn video called “Sexy Babe” was put on the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) website. The video remained on the site for an entire week before it was finally noticed and subsequently removed.

The film was uploaded to the site on February 18. It was eventually discovered on February 28 in an area of the site where companies share information about oil and gas.

The Columbus Dispatch reported, “Within the department’s division of oil and gas site, there is a Risk Based Data Management System that contains ‘comprehensive well data for over 100,000 wells permitted since 1980.’ There you can find a file transfer protocol or FTP site used mainly to allow companies to transfer large files such as maps to ODNR.”


Apparently, at the time the porn video was uploaded, no credentials were required to get onto the site and transfer files. So the video could have been uploaded by anyone. Officials say that from here-on-out, credentials will be required to make any uploads.

Eileen Corson, an ODNR spokeswoman said, “Someone was using it as cloud storage. Unfortunately, that happens.”

In response to the incident, Ohio state Rep. John Patrick Carney (D-Columbus) is urging an investigation into the video’s upload. He said that government sites should “not be abused for personal use, especially for storing unauthorized or pirated files that expose them to malware and viruses.”

It is easy for one to argue that this is yet another example of government incompetence, specifically because it took over a week to even realize the video was on the department’s website. Had such a video been posted on a private company’s website, it likely would have been identified and removed promptly. The fear of a tarnished reputation is a powerful, motivating force in the private sector.

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