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Jail Staff Allows Diabetic Woman to Die Without Insulin; Boyfriend Saw Her Die

In November, 37 year old Sarah Tibbetts was arrested along with her boyfriend for allegedly being in possession of someone else’s credit card, as well as having small bags with traces amounts of marijuana.Sarah Tibbetts

During her arrest, Tibbetts made it clear she was an insulin-dependent diabetic.

Apparently insulin can be purchased over the counter at local pharmacies in Texas. According to official record, staff only attempted to provide insulin by allowing the jailed woman to phone her mother in California.

“I told the staff I’m in California, I can’t bring it up,” said Rebecca Tibbetts, mother of the deceased woman. “I said my daughter is insulin-dependent and would die without her insulin. If you can’t provide it, she needs to be sent to the hospital.”

According to reports, the day after the call was made to the inmate’s mother, the jailed woman was found unconscious on the floor of her cell. According to reports, the jailed boyfriend was in a cell nearby, and watched his girlfriend of six years collapse, saying “baby, baby.” She was soon dead. Reports state the woman’s cell was near the jail entrance and directly in front of the booking desk. After that (no report on how long after) a guard pulled the woman into the hall and pumped her chest. CPR was given according to records. The woman was rushed to the hospital and died half an hour later, according to police reports.

A employee of the jail speaking on condition of anonymity stated the staff knew the woman needed insulin before she died.

The Irving jail staff is under investigation. The mother of the deceased said a wrongful death suit is under consideration to provide assets to the deceased’s 12 year old son. Criminal charges are also under consideration.