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Cryptome: ‬Remaining Snowden docs will be released to avert ‘unspecified US war’ in July

Journalist Glen Greenwald has long touted that the next, yet-to-be-scene leaks from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden will be like the grand finale of a fireworks display.

But now a New York-based whistle-blowing site ‪Cryptome is saying that they will “aid and abet” the release of the remaining 57K to 1.7M withheld Snowden documents.

According to ‪Cryptome,  in July, everything will be dumped.

Cryptome is a repository for leaked and confidential documents co-founded by John Young, who confirmed with Vocativ that he intends to release them potentially around the beginning of a hacker and whistleblower conference this month in New York City called HOPE X, where Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg is the keynote speaker. (Possibly around July 18th.)

Apparently, the Cryptome team didn’t like that all the Snowden files were not dumped at once by Greenwald and the Guardian.

Cryptome urged in a blog post for Snowden to bypass Greenwald and mainstream media.

“Mr. Snowden, please send your 41 PRISM slides and other information to less easily cowed and overly coddled commercial outlets than Washington Post and Guardian,” wrote Cryptome’s founders.

Vocativ suspects that Cryptome may be working with Sarah Harrison, a young journalist who has worked with Snowden on behalf of WikiLeaks who may have the Snowden trove.

According to Cryptome, the content that will be released has serious implications. It may prevent a U.S. war.