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LOTFI: Fox News one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors for better part of two decades

To many, it seems contrary to intuition that Fox News could be one of the Clinton family’s largest donors for the better part of two decades. Check your intuition at the door- it’s true. According to Federal Election Commission and Center for Responsive Politics data, 21st Century Fox News Corp. has donated more than $3 million to Clinton family accounts. Overall, this lands Fox as the Clinton family’s 9th largest donor over the course of the family’s political involvement.

P- Clinton Fox News Donations

Should it really infuriate the conservative viewership of Fox News that the company also donates to Democrats? After all, are political parties not constantly blaming media outlets for being biased? What would it say about the state of media in America if companies and their journalists only donated to one specific party? More troubling, what does it say about Americans that some are upset over the fact that Fox News and its employees are donating to Democrats in addition to Republicans? Do we really want our media to be non-bias, or do we simply want it to follow our own bias?

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Primary Obama Campaign Donor Paying For Sarvis’ VA Race?


SarvisWe have been covering the Virginia gubernatorial race for a few weeks now. Ben previously reported on how Sarvis was not being allowed to debate his democratic and republican counterparts. I then reported on how Sarvis has some questionable “libertarian values”.

Libertarian Booster PAC, a super PAC based in Austin, TX, provided Sarvis with his largest independent expenditure of $11.5k. The money was used to circulate the petition, which put Sarvis on the ballot and produce campaign materials.

The super PAC’s primary funder is Joe Liemandt, a software billionaire. Liemandt contributed $150k to the super PACs $229k operating revenue. Liemandt was invited to a private dinner with the President for his reelection last year. According to ABC News, Liemandt donated between $100-200k to the President’s reelection campaign. 

Libertarian Booster PAC is primarily responsible for putting Sarvis on the ballot in Virginia. The Blaze contacted Sarvis’ campaign manager for comment. Meredith Jessup with The Blaze directly asked whether or not Sarvis had been recruited to take conservative votes away from Cuccinelli (R) to aid McAuliffe (D).

The campaign did not respond directly to questions concerning the Super PAC. “We’re coordinating Sarvis interviews with Richmond, Norfolk and Charlottesville TV news teams to reach Virginia voters – our first priority –  on Election Eve,” said John Vaught LaBeaume, Sarvis communications director and strategist.

Liemandt’s did enter the PAC before Sarvis announced his intent to run. However, many still wonder if Liemandt is playing his cards to spilt conservative votes.