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Paul Krugman: Sanders Needs to Distance Himself from ‘Fantasy Economics’

Nobel Prize winning, progressive-leaning economist Paul Krugman said in an op-ed on Wednesday that the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign needs to distance itself from unrealistically...

Jason Stapleton: The Greed and Envy of Bernie Sanders

Jason is live 11 am to noon eastern.

D.I.N.K.s Should Pay Higher Taxes?

Today's political pundits come up with strategies to shift the tax burden to certain groups instead of suggesting the obvious: lower the tax burden...
Senator Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) “Why should taxpayers subsidize starvation wages?”

During a Congressional panel discussion on Thursday, Indpendent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont blasted the Walton family for what he sees as their tax-subsidized...

(VIDEO) VP of White Castle says, “$15 minimum wage means layoffs”

President Obama is now shifting his attention to advocate for an increased federal minimum wage. According to the Guardian, "The federal minimum wage currently stands...